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Friday, January 15, 2010

I'll Shock The World- Clottey

Pacquiao vs Clottey Updates
By Daily Guide - Daily Guide

Ghana's Joshua Clottey has promised to shock the world by knocking out the world's best pound-for-pound fighter Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao, when the two clash on March 13 in Dallas.

Speaking in an interview with East Side Boxing of the USA, Clottey 35-3 (20) whose last fight was a loss to Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto, said he had always dreamt about fighting the best boxer and therefore the fight against Pacman is a dream-come-true.

“Yes, this is the fight I have always wanted. I've always wanted fights like this - against the best fighters in the world,” he told the renowned East Side Boxing.

He explained: “I really want to prove my point in this fight; prove to the whole world that I am the best. I'm so happy to get this fight with the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.”

Clottey, who jetted to the USA on Tuesday to sign for the bout, said he had started some light training, jogging in the morning and in the evening.

On who to spar with since Pacquiao is a southpaw, Clottey said he would think about it later.

“But one thing about me is I know how to handle southpaws easy. Miguel Cotto switched to southpaw in the fight and it was no problem. So I'm not concerned about Pacquiao's stance. I can handle that good.”

He commended Top Rank for arranging the biggest fight of his career. By Charles Nixon Yeboah


Manny Pacquiao Is Worth Every Penny

Pacquiao Clottey 24/7 Episodes
By Charlie Knoxville

Why would you boycott the most exciting and entertaining fighter on the face of this planet because he was being bullied and subjected to a drug testing protocol by the opposing camp with no evidence or proof that Pacquiao is taking steroids other then his dominating performances.

Some guy said “Pacquiao taking Miguel Cottos best punches clean on the chin shows he was on steroids”, well that is the stupidest crap I ever heard, steroids don’t make your chin stronger look at Fernando Vargas he was on steroids and got knocked out and dropped by Oscar De La hoya when they fought.

If the NSAC or the state athletic commission required that Manny Pacquiao take the blood tests I bet you he would have no problem with taking them. Pacquiao took a blood test before against Erik Morales and he didn’t feel 100 percent in that fight, so he has every right to avoid something that he believes will make him have a disadvantage in the fight.

For any of you guys out there who talk crap about Pacquiao and say his excuse is crap, who are you to say it’s crap when you have no idea what this man feels inside, every fighter has their own pre-fight routine and know their bodies more than some angry boxing fan who never stepped into a ring in their life.

People ask “how he can turn down $50 million dollars’?, well maybe because money isn’t everything to Manny Pacquiao. It sickens me to see how everyone has cast a stone against this man because of accusations started by a bitter Floyd Mayweather Sr. a convicted drug dealer.

I don’t care what anyone else says I will pay for Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey. Joshua Clottey a big legit welterweight and has been avoided by some of the top guys in the division. Clottey is tough and durable a guy who never runs in the ring but always moves forward and brings a lot of action, this fight will be an explosive one.

Manny Pacquiao is worth every penny of the pay per view price tag fans spend to watch him fight.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. on the other hand is not worth a dime of my money, the only reason I and many other boxing fans have paid for his fights is to see him lose or someone to pull the shocking upset over this arrogant welterweight who fights blow up feather and lightweights.

If the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight did happen it would’ve probably been very boring and Mayweather would pot shot and push Manny off and run after he hits him like he usually does, or Mayweather would tie up with Manny and use his elbows like he did with Ricky Hatton.

I know plenty of people who have watched a Mayweather Jr. pay per view and after the fight demanded a refund, I can’t say the same for Pacquiao fights.

While Manny Pacquiao is taking on a legit welterweights in Miguel Cotto and Joshua Clottey, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is rumored to be facing Nate Campbell a former lightweight champion who is nearing 40 years old.

Don’t get me wrong Nate Campbell is a hell of a fighter, but he is way undersized and old in the tooth for Mayweather Jr. to have any sort of challenge.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has yet to fight a legit top welterweight or someone who has a chance of beating him, he avoided Antonio Margarito, Sugar Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto and now Manny Pacquiao.

He never wanted to fight Pacquiao in his prime, what Mayweather Jr. is doing is hoping that Joshua Clottey either beats up Pacquiao badly so he can say see Pacquiao was overrated or wait for Manny Pacquiao to show some signs of deterioration and slowing down before he faces the man.

When people say let’s boycott a Manny Pacquiao fight, those people probably never even paid for his pay per views anyway!

I hope Manny Pacquiao does well, people shouldn’t attack him and accuse him of steroid use and all this other bull crap because the man has given the boxing fans great, exciting fights on a consistent basis.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will never fight Manny Pacquiao as long as he is beating Manny Pacquiao in pay per view buys, that is all Mayweather has to offer in negotiations that he has more pay per view buys than Manny Pacquiao. If Mayweather happens to get poor numbers his value in negotiations will drop.

If Mayweather decides to go head to head with Manny Pacquiao on March, 13, 2010, I know which fight I’ll be watching.


Big Apple Boxing Thoughts 01.15.10: Pacquiao-Clottey -- Classic?

Pacquiao vs Clottey News
Posted by Jonathan Yaghoubi on 01.15.2010

The potential mega fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather that was set to happen on March 13th is officially dead. So the question remains on which fighter do you think was actually at fault for that whole..well just forget about it as I think we've all had enough of that crap for a while.

While many might think this is a big loss for boxing, it is certainly not the end of the world for the sport.
The Pacquiao-Clottey fight has tremendous potential to be a classic match. Given the styles of both fighters, there's just no way that this fight could fail to be an example of boxing at its best.

Stylistically, Clottey relies heavily upon his quick footwork and superb blocking abilities.He is a rough, tough, genuine welterweight with a rock-solid defense.He doesn't pack a knockout punch but he does hit hard enough to cause damage. Clottey has an iron chin and his defensive skills are excellent. He has never been knocked out in any fight. His biggest flaw is his lack of speed. He also tends to start slow in some fights as evident in his 1st round of the Cotto fight when he was knocked down.

Even though Clottey is not known to be no Mayweather in the ring
when it comes to entertainment, his antics in the ring will provide plenty of drama and fun. In the fight with Cotto, Clottey found himself trapped in the corner and decided to initiate a rather weird clinch by throwing his upper body over the top of Cotto's left shoulder. Cotto promptly demonstrated his anger and dirtiness for the tactic by lifting Clottey up and body slamming him face-first to the canvas.Clottey then took a long break while rolling around on the canvas and acting like he was dying. Whether he was acting or not is anyone's guess.

Joshua Clottey is one of those boxers that other guys don't want to fight because he is one dangerous fighter. When Antonio Margarito defeated Cotto, everyone thought that Margarito's next fight would be a unification title bout in a rematch against Clottey. It never happened and it was very simple from watching that first fight on why Antonio did not want that fight. In that contest, Clottey was ripping short left hooks and jabs with tremendous hand speed. Early in the fight, Clottey won the second, third and fourth rounds on two of three scorecards. In the third, he stunned Margarito with a right hand to the head and repeatedly landed four- and five-punch combinations. After the fourth, Clottey came to his corner complaining of pain in his left hand. From that point, his work rate slowed and he absorbed tremendous punishment for the remainder of the match. However, he had demonstrated his abilities against a top opponent.

Manny is probably going to have punch to the sides of Clottey's body as that could prove to be most effective way in wearing him down. Clottey is a very good counterpuncher who carefully and accurately chooses his spots. It has been proven in the past that Pacquiao has not had the best of luck against counter-punchers. He wants guys that will go toe-to-toe with him and it's highly unlikely that Clottey will do such a thing. Manny is going to have to do some counter punching of his own and try to go for the knockout when Clottey attempts to throw at Pacquiao. Manny's weird punching angles is going to be a huge factor in this fight.

This fight will not be a easy one for Pacquiao at all and it will only cement his legacy if he wins this in convincing fashion against one of the most dangerous and underrated fighters in the sport. Clottey is going to have his moments in this fight but I think the speed of Pacquiao will prove to be too much for Joshua as he is a guy that needs to set his feet before he can thrown. Manny's speed and movement will not make that possible and prove to be the difference. But if people that buy this fight are expecting one of Manny's vintage dominating knockouts, then they should buy elsewhere.


Your trip to Dallas for the Pacquiao vs. Clottey fight and a little trivia

Pacquiao vs Clottey Online Live Streaming
Dallas Boxing Examiner | Matt Stolow

DALLAS - What do you do in Dallas - Fort Worth during fight week in March? Here is a little useless trivia, but I'll add more serious tips as the event gets closer.

Dallas - Fort Worth has one of the strongest economy's in the country. It's the fifth - largest media market in the country. It's the seventh - largest population center in America (6.3 million). Dallas dominates Fort Worth in virtually every category. Except for crime and boxing.

Dallas - Fort Worth Airport is seventh busiest in the world when it comes to passengers and third busiest in the world in takeoffs and landings. I don't understand it either.

While Dallas has a living member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Fort Worth has five former world champions to its credit.

Fort Worth's greatest boxer has to be future Hall of Famer Donald "The Cobra" Curry. Curry won titles started winning titles in 1983 at 147 and later at 154. At one time he was the No. 2 pound for pound fighter in the world behind only "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler.

Around the same time as Curry, there was former WBA 140 champion Gene "Mad Dog" Hatcher.
Hatcher upset Johnny Bumphus in 1984 to win his title.

"Little" Stevie Cruz won the WBA Featherweight Championship in 1986 in a big upset as a late replacement over popular Barry McGuigan.

Troy Dorsey won his IBF Featherweight title in 1991 over Alfred Rangel. Dorsey also doubled as a world kick-boxing champion. .

Most recently Paulie Ayala upset Johnny Tapia in 1999 to win the WBA Bantamweight (118) title.

40 miles east on I-30 in Dallas, two fighters have won world titles.

In 1967, welterweight Curtis Cokes won the world WBA/WBC Welterweight title. Cokes was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2003.

In 1995 Quincy Taylor knocked out Julian Jackson to win the WBC Middleweight Title.

So while Dallas makes a good account of itself, I say Fort Worth is a better fight town.

Maybe most important for visiting fight fans is that Dallas leads the entire country in restaurants per capita (per person) at 469 people per each restaurant. Dallas also has the most gentleman's club per person (numbers not available but it's impressive).

If you're coming here for the fight, assume you will have to eat Mexican food, barbecue and gourmet hamburgers. The closest casino is just an hour away on the Oklahoma border. There is not a sports book though. Poker, slots and blackjack.

The nightlife is world class.

You can easily kill a week with things to see and do while in Big D.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clottey, the Warrior Panther

Pacquiao vs Clottey Online Live Streaming
By Simeon Vergara

Like the richest black, glossed with purple and shades of a still darker hue, the man from Ghana is probably the most dangerous species in the planet that Pound-for-Pound King Manny Pacquiao will ever face this March 13 at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Texas.

Ranking No. 7 in the Welterweight division based on, Joshua Clottey (35 wins inclusive of 20 knockouts, 3 losses), who lost a controversial split decision to Miquel Cotto whom Pacquiao won by stoppage in the eleventh last November, has really nothing to lose if ever he fails to win over Manny Pacquiao.

But, Clottey's record ventilates with roaring mark of a tough challenge for Pacquiao. He handed a devastating loss to Zab Judah in 2008, of which he won by technical decision in the ninth. Only Antonio Margarito manhandled him by unanimous decision in 2006 in New Jersy, which was the only clear loss other than one with Carlos Baldomir by disqualification.

What this writer sees is a more dangerous route ahead that Pacquiao is trudging along. The man whose last defeat is likely to give Pacquiao a hard smack in the chest. He has all the motivations and is as much hungrier than he was when he fought Cotto.

All favors go to Clottey.

Clottey, the Warrior Panther, will get it close, if not even up with Pacquiao. And don't discount his trail. It can be as more trailblazing and as more treacherous than what one expects it to be.


Pacquiao challenger Clottey seeks warmer climes

Boxing Examiner | Michael Marley

Manager Vinny Scolpino informed me Thursday that his top-rated WBO welterweight challenger will escape the forsty climes of the New York area to launch serious training for his March 13 Dallas title bout against Manny Pacquiao.

Scolpino huddled on Wednesday with Bronx resident Clottey who had just gotten off a long plane flight back from homeland Ghana. Clottey enjoyed a lengthy holiday break and was surprised and happy when his manager relayed the good news that he would get the big money shot against Pacman.

“We’re probably going out to either Las Vegas or South Florida,” Scolpino said. “Joshua wants to be somewhere warmer than New York.”

Temperatures in the Big Apple have been running in the 30s and 20s recently.

As far as a head trainer for Clottey, Scolpino said that the fighter is importing one from Ghana.

“Joshua has a guy who I think used to work with Azumah Nelson,” he said.

Nelson, of course, is Ghana’s greatest boxing hero, a Hall Of Famer and the epitome of a classy sportsman.

Nelson used to call himself “Professor” and would tell an opponent “you will be my student in the ring.”

The press conference to kickoff the promotion is at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on Tuesday with an NYC press set for Madison Square Garden Wednesday.

Clottey lost a close decision to Miguel Cotto in the Garden ring last June while Pacman battered Cotto in Las Vegas in November.


Manny Pacquiao opens as 4-1 favorite over Joshua Clottey

Pacquiao vs Clottey News
Boxing Odds Examiner | John Chavez

It's the opening line for the March 13 fight which seems a little high in my estimation but it's relatively fair given both men's recent performances.

While Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey pits a prize-fighter in the "Pacman" who still has the ability to make the junior welterweight limit against "The Hitter" who struggles mightily to make the 147 pound weight class, the perceived "smaller" man will undoubtedly see most of the betting action up until the initial bell. While this fight would have been laughable had it been mentioned several years ago, the Filipino southpaw has proven his all-time great status in doing in what was perceived as the impossible by dethroning Oscar De la Hoya, Ricky Hatton, and most recently Miguel Cotto.

He official line is as follows:

Welterweight 12 Rounds - Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas - HBO PPV

Manny Pacquiao -400
Joshua Clottey +280

As a fight picker I definitely see value on the table in the form of Joshua Clottey as his tight defense, quick hand release, and fast reflexes will allow him to be extremely competitive with the "Pacman". In essence, I don't see this as a 4-1 spread type of fight.

I believe the odds to be skewed based on both men's betting fan bases and the perception that Manny is currently unbeatable in the eyes of the boxing public.

It should be a close one either way and win, lose, or draw, I believe the African fighter will give a great account of himself showing that nobody should have made him such a wide underdog.

(Click here to see UFC president Dana White's take on boxers entering the UFC.)

Remember to check out The Boxing Truth Radio every Sunday 6pm Pacific Standard Time, 9pm Eastern Standard Time, 10am in the Phillippines, 2pm in Australia, and 2am in the United Kingdom!


Clottey vows: I’ll fight Pacquiao to the last

Pacquiao vs Clottey Online Live Streaming
By Roy Luarca
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:40:00 01/15/2010

CEBU CITY—What Manny Pacquiao wants in a fight he’ll get from Joshua Clottey.

The muscular Ghanaian has vowed not to run, saying he’ll bring the fight to the Filipino pound-for-pound superstar from the opening bell.

“I will follow him; I will come forward in the fight,” the 33-year-old Clottey told James Slater of on Wednesday.

Grateful for the fight opportunity given him by Pacquiao and Top Rank Promotions, Clottey said he wants to return the favor by promising a hell of a fight for the World Boxing Organization welterweight title bout on March 13 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

“I want Manny Pacquiao to know that he picked a guy who will give him all that he wants,” Clottey also told Lem Satterfield of Boxing Fanhouse in another interview. “I’m going to fight until the last bell.”

In his last fight, Pacquiao was left pursuing a backpedalling Miguel Cotto in the last few rounds, eventually stopping the Puerto Rican in the 12th. Cotto came into the fight at a catch weight of 145 pounds after salvaging a close decision over Clottey.

Clottey is over two inches taller than Pacquiao at nearly 5-foot-9 and is expected to tip the scales at around 160 lb on fight night. It would make him the biggest man the General Santos lefty has ever faced in the ring.

After vacationing with his family on Samal Island, Pacquiao plans to leave for Los Angeles on Sunday, according to boxing promoter and trusted confidante Rex “Wakee” Salud.

Pacquiao will be accompanied by trainer Nonoy Neri, lawyer Jing Gacal and adviser Michael Koncz.

Top Rank honcho Bob Arum has scheduled a kickoff press conference for the bout at the Cowboys Stadium on Jan. 19.


The FJ Fury 01.12.10: Clottey is a Way to Stick it to Mayweather

Pacquiao vs Clottey Online Live Streaming
Posted by FJ Parlan on 01.12.2010

It's on for March 13, 2010 at the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas: Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey.

To some, it leaves a lot to be desired. Clottey doesn't have a title to make it a unification bout. Pacquiao has beaten the last opponent who defeated Clottey already. The fight doesn't have a whole lot of money to offer.

But that stench, folks, is just because of the after-effects of Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. As we all know, it didn't materialize as negotiations sputtered for a few random samples of blood. No fight could be an alternative to that fight, especially money-wise.

Now, taking all of that in, the truth is Clottey's actually the next best thing in the welterweight division. Suck it up, now, boxing fans. Maybe a Mayweather-Pacquiao super-duper-fight will still transpire down the road, and by then, it might actually be an even bigger fighting event.

We must trust that Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, knows what he was doing when he officially turned down Jr. Middleweight titleholder Yuri Foreman. Freddie knows best, right? Bob Arum is always astute, too. With the quest for a title in an eighth weight class out of the way, the best remaining option for Pacquiao in his new home weight class is Clottey.

The Mayweather fight can't be prepared for now. Shane Mosley and Andre Berto are facing each other. He has already fought and beaten other top welterweight Miguel Cotto.

So, who does that leave us with? That's right. The guy who controversially lost to Pacquiao's last opponent - the durable, defensive, and dangerous Clottey.

But a better question is: Who does that leave Mayweather with? That's right. No one.

Over the years since he cared more about his glossy record than actually fighting the best, "Pretty Boy Floyd" has used up all his wiggle room in the eyes of fight fans. Right now, he has no other choice or excuse (as good as he invents them) but to fight the best in his own weight class. See the five guys I mentioned with his name above? Think about it, those are the only ones (including Pacquiao) that true and caring boxing fans would allow Mayweather to fight. The best welterweights or retire, fans might say. If he doesn't fight Cotto, Mosley, Berto, Pacquiao, or Clottey, his next fight is as good as boycotted.

As said, Mosley-Berto is occupied with each other. Cotto's still resting and wouldn't fight any time soon. His fight with Pacquiao is blown.

And now, Clottey is taken?

Nice move by team Pacquiao.

You know the "Bloodtestgate" issue for Pacquiao and Mayweather? It leaves us with either of two conclusions: One, that Pacquiao is hiding something, and two, that Mayweather is a coward.

Clottey is about to enjoy his biggest payday against Pacquiao and there's no reasonably formidable opponent available for Mayweather.

Arum, Roach, and company might say "Look, Floyd, we fought another top welterweight. If we were afraid of you, why would we fight someone who you appear to be afraid of? Now, how about you, who are you going to fight?" That Roach, he has a viable alternative for Pacquiao in case Mayweather continue to look to eschew him: the winner of Mosley-Berto.

Floyd, good luck finding your next opponent.

Crashing Right Hooks:

- I'm guilty. I like Paulie Malignaggi. I really do. Part of it is because of the way he talks. He's fast-talking and opinionated. But I don't like the words going out of his mouth lately. He tries his best to communicate that he just wonders whether Pacquiao is on something or not, but he has said it too much that he has now openly accused Pacquiao. What the heck is that? I'm sorry but I'm losing some respect.

- I don't think Mayweather is going to fight Luis Collazo, Rafael Jackiewicz, or Jan Zaveck (the remaining boxers on The Ring's top ten division rankings). He's just going to say that there's not much money on the table. There's more money in a Matthew Hatton fight (as it'll be an event in UK). Some sources say that Mayweather has been in touch with Hatton's camp.

- Malignaggi would be a better opponent than Hatton, but that still goes far from satisfying boxing fans. That affair would be entertaining until it gets in the ring. With their styles, it's going to be a stinker. Plus, as good as Malignaggi has improved, he's still a poor man's boxing version of Mayweather. It's a mismatch.

- Clottey is a very dangerous opponent for Pacquiao. Malignaggi and Foreman would have presented some problems too. Their styles, it's something Pacquiao hasn't quite dealt with before.

- The criticisms (and/or hate) for Mayweather continues. An online petition was set up by a fan adjuring for endorsers to discontinue their business connections with Mayweather. Not that I'm endorsing it myself (I didn't sign it, I have to be partial, and I am), but to make you aware and if you want to check it out, here's the link.

- For the record: Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of my favorite fighters. Just so you know, he's in my top ten for current fighters. But for crying out loud, I'm just tired as the next boxing fan of his nonsense. What I said to close out the column is sincere, but as that same column indicates, Mayweather's options are limited and may now be gone in some fans' eyes, thanks to that cagey opponent choice by Pacquiao's camp.

- As for Mayweather still being slated to fight on March 13, finding fans to purchase that PPV (it most certainly would be) may be as hard as finding his next opponent. I don't love this whole messed-up situation, but the Mayweather camp has the lower hand. Good luck on that too.

- As a result of the cancellation of Pacquiao-Mayweather, the sport will take a hit. The blame can be put on neither, either or both sides. But if you look around the sport, it's still fine and going strong, this momentum halting notwithstanding. Thankfully, the best matches are still getting made (outside Mayweather vs. Pacquiao), and my interest isn't dwindling. I would understand if yours does, but I hope you get over it. There's a lot going on outside Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. We will continue to roll.


Joshua Clottey's 'Unbelievable' Shot at Manny Pacquiao

Pacquiao vs Clottey Online Live Streaming
1/13/2010 8:33 PM ET By Lem Satterfield

Joshua Clottey found himself two months ago standing before a classroom of 10-year-olds when the former world champion was asked by one of them, "What happened?" during June's 12-round unanimous decision loss to Miguel Cotto.

That question, said Clottey, came from his daughter, Zeenat.

"Their teacher had wanted me to come and talk to the kids," said the 32-year-old Clottey, a native of Accra, Ghana, who lives in the Bronx, N.Y. "But I didn't think she'd be the first one to ask me something about that fight."

Zeenat will be on American soil for the first time on March 13 at Cowboys' Stadium in Arlington, Tex., where she will be ringside for her father's attempt to lift the WBO welterweight (147 pounds) title from Manny Pacquiao.

"I chose boxing to be my profession, and it's a very, very tough life for us. But my career has always been about trying to fight the best," said Clottey, whose American debut was New York's sixth-round knockout of Jeffrey Hill in November 2003.

"When I was traveling to America for the first time, this is what I said to myself at the Ghana airport," said Clottey. "I said, 'You know, I want to travel to America today, and I want to be among those top guys.' Deep down, I know that I'm one of the top fighters in the world. And I told my daughter that I'm going to be a champion in 2010."

The bout with the 31-year-old Pacquiao (50-3-2, 38 knockouts) represents the largest career payday for Clottey (35-3, 20 KOs), who arrived from Ghana in New York on Tuesday night, and spoke with FanHouse on Wednesday within an hour of signing the bout contract for their fight.

Nicknamed, "The Grand Master," Clottey's purse will surpass $1 million for the first time, with an upside to the pay-per-view.

"You can't get any bigger in this business than to fight Manny Pacquiao right now," said Clottey's manager, Vinnie Scolpino.

"But now, Joshua's got to take advantage of this opportunity, and to turn it into his favor," said Scolpino. "And Joshua Clottey has got every skill in the world to do that."

The muscular, 5-foot-9 Clottey poses perhaps the most physically-challenging threat to Pacquiao of any the Filipino star has previously faced, even as Pacqiauo comes off of November's 12th-round knockout of Cotto.

"Sometimes, when you're in the ring, during the later rounds, you think about getting tired. I thought that I might have done that in rounds nine and 10 against Cotto, but I thought that I won the 12th round and the fight," said Clottey.

"This fight, I'm not going to think about tiring. This fight, I want to make everybody happy," said Clottey. "I want Manny Pacquiao to know that he picked a guy who will give him all that he wants. I'm going to fight until the last bell."

Unlike Cotto, who was contracted to come in at 145 pounds, Clottey will not be required to weigh-in at a catchweight.

Clottey, instead, will be able to tip the scales at the standard welterweight ceiling of 147 pounds. And, by fight time, fully hydrated and fed, Clottey could be closer to or beyond 160 pounds when he walks into the ring.

Known as a large welterweight, Clottey has been troubled at times with making weight. Clottey has fought at more than 147 pounds 11 times during his career, including twice at 154.

"That's going to help me a lot, because I don't think I could have done it at 145 pounds. Pacquiao's being very nice, because he's the man now," said Clottey.

"That's going to make me the bigger guy in the ring," said Clottey. "So, with him choosing me to fight at 147, I respect him for that."

A southpaw, Pacquiao is 11-0 with eight knockouts since losing by unanimous decision to Erik Morales in March 2005.

Clottey is encouraged by the fact that he dismantled former world champion Zab Judah -- a southpaw -- damaging and cutting his rival's face badly on the way to all but scoring a knockout. The result was a ninth-round technical decision in August 2008.

Clottey's three losses have been against former world champs.

Clottey was ahead on all three judges' cards in November 1999 when he was mysteriously disqualified for an intentional head butt -- during a time when the fighters were at a distance -- on the way to an 11th-round disqualification loss to Carlos Baldomir.

Fate took another bad turn for Clottey in December 2006 when, ahead after four rounds, he broke one hand and suffered damage in the other. That slowed Clottey over the course of a 12-round unanimous decision loss to Antonio Margarito during his initial bid to earn the WBO crown.

"Joshua hurt his knuckles, and he just couldn't pound Margarito anymore. So he just went the distance," said Clottey's manager, Vinnie Scolpino. "It's just what happened. He did fabulous, lasting throughout the whole fight. That's not a loss in our books."

Nearly two years later in August 2008, Clottey rebounded to earn the vacant IBF title over Judah, a fleet-footed, skillful boxing southpaw.

Clottey's performance against Judah was perhaps the most superlative of his career, earning him a title that he yielded in order to face Cotto.

"That was a business decision, and the move that we had to make to get into the ring with Miguel Cotto," said Scolpino, regarding the choice not to defend against the IBF's No. 1 contender but to pursue Cotto's WBO belt.

"Then Joshua gets into the ring, and he loses a close decision in front of Cotto's crowd," said Scolpino. "That was a tough, tough, tough place to be."

In December, there were potential fights with present WBC super world welterweight champ Shane Mosley and, former WBO world welterweight titlist Carlos Quintana -- each of which never materialized.

"We waited, tried to get tough fights," said Scolpino. "We tried again, another one didn't happen."

Then, over the course of about the first week of January, Scolpino began to receive calls from Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, alluding to "a big fight for you guys. We spoke, briefly. But then, we were trying to figure out who it could possibly be," said Scolpino. "And then, finally, the word came down that it was Manny Pacquiao. It's an unbelievable opportunity. There's no words that can tell you what this means to Joshua Clottey in this business."

But Clottey, himself, still couldn't believe it and wondered if it really was true.

So he started doing some research.

"I went to my computer and I was checking one of the internet boxing sites. Then I saw it on a couple of sites, and I was like, 'Wow.,' I couldn't even sleep that night, thinking, 'Wow, I'm going to share the ring with Manny Pacquiao,'" said Clottey. "I want to thank Top Rank and Bob Arum -- they are really doing well by me. And I want to thank all of my fans for sticking with me. And I want to thank Manny Pacquiao, so much, for giving me what is the biggest opportunity of my life."

But as thankful as Clottey is for the chance, he's equally determined not to blow it.

"I feel like I've fought the best guys out there, and now I've got to prove a point," said Clottey. "As far I'm concerned, I know deep down that I've never lost a fight."


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Squashed: Catchtweight rumor on Clottey-Pacquiao

Boxing Examiner | Michael Marley

I guess it is one of those "low life" Internet rumors. You know, the kind that make you feel like a greasy porcine individual and make you rush for a cleansing shower.

But it is a persistent one, this rumor that Manny Pacquiao demanded a catchweight contract for his March 13 WBO welterweight title defense against Number One contender Joshua Clottey at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Tx.

I've just confirmed with a source in rugged Ghanaian Clotty's camp, however, that the bout contract does specify a 147 pound limit, the standard welterweight limit.

Clottey was due back in New York City late Tuesday from Ghana where had had taken a boxing break over the holiday period,

Manager Vinny Scolpino is now mmeting with firming up training camp plans for his fighter.

Can we stop with the catchweight chatter now?

As far as getting the bout, Scolpino said he is very happy.

"I don't know if luck is the right word to use for this," Scolpino said, "maybe it's better to say we're in the right place at the right time to fight Manny. Being in the same stable helped us."

Scolpino and his fighter had differences last year but hashed them out in a hearing before the New Jersey commission and then went into Clottey's bout with Miguel Cotto last June at Madison Square Garden.

Since that bout, Clottey and trainer Samuel Assante have split up.


Clottey a hard-headed foe

By Joaquin Henson (The Philippine Star) Updated January 14, 2010 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines
- WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao isn’t taking Ghanaian challenger Joshua (The Hitter) Clottey lightly and will be careful not to knock heads when they clash at the Cowboys
Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on March 13.

Clottey, 32, has an unsavory history of butting opponents and that’s something Pacquiao should be wary of.

In 1999, Clottey was disqualified for repeatedly butting Argentina’s Carlos Baldomir in the 11th round of a fight for the International Boxing Council welterweight title at the Wembley Arena in London. He was docked two points for butting Baldomir in the 10th and did it again the next round, resulting in his disqualification. Curiously, the head-strong Clottey led on the three judges’ scorecards, 96-92, 95-93, 96-92, at the time of the stoppage.

Last June, Clottey again used his head to open a nasty cut over Miguel Cotto’s left eye in the third round. Cotto survived the headbutt and barely won on a split decision but paid a stiff price for the wound – 20 stitches, six below the eye and 14 over.

It will be recalled that in 1963, Filipino world junior lightweight champion Flash Elorde faced Ghanaian challenger Love Allotey at the Araneta Coliseum and was viciously butted in retaining the crown on an 11th round disqualification by referee Jaime Valencia. Allotey was penalized a point for a low blow in the fifth and another point for butting in the eighth before Valencia threw him out for continuous fouling. Elorde bled profusely from a cut over the right eye because of Allotey’s butting.

Former world junior lightweight titlist Rene Barrientos, who once beat Allotey on points, called the Ghanaian the dirtiest fighter he ever met.

The record books show that the only world title fight involving a Filipino and a Ghanaian was the Elorde-Allotey bout. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Ghana’s Manyo Plange decisioned the Philippines’ only boxing qualifier Harry TaƱamor in a lightflyweight bout.

Despite his shady reputation, Clottey is known as a durable, intense, physical, blue-collar worker who has never been knocked out in compiling a 35-3 record, with 20 KOs, since turning pro in 1995 – the same year Pacquiao made his debut. He is armed with a strong left hook to the body, a left uppercut down the middle and a jarring left jab-right straight combination to the head – the main weapons in his arsenal. Clottey fights out of a high guard.

Clottey’s weakness is a tendency to walk into an opponent’s range without throwing punches, making him an easy target. Another weakness is poor foot balance, which was evident when he was floored by a Cotto’s left jab in the first round. Clottey got up at the count of two and seemed more embarrassed than hurt. A third weakness is fading in the late going, a psychological more than a conditioning problem.

Clottey’s most impressive showing was his win over Zab Judah via a ninth round technical decision for the IBF welterweight title in Las Vegas in 2008. He was also masterful in outpointing previously unbeaten Shamone Alvarez and decisioning former world champion Diego Corrales, who was floored twice, the year before.

Clottey’s three setbacks were disputed. He claimed the referee acted hastily in ruling a disqualification in the Baldomir fight and the losses on points to Cotto and Antonio Margarito could’ve gone the other way. Margarito trailed in the scorecards when Clottey broke his hand in the fourth round, endured the injury and went the full route with the tough Mexican.

Clottey was initially set to take on Mexico’s Michel Rosales on Jan. 16 but pulled out. Rosales was the same brawler who beat Filipino Mark Jason Melligen on a split decision in Las Vegas last November.

Inspiring Clottey to beat Pacquiao is his legendary Hall of Fame countryman Azumah Nelson whose style he emulates. Nelson’s chief sparring partner Kwame Asante is Clottey’s trainer.

“I want to be the best,” said Clottey, quoted by James Slater in “I want the people to respect me as the best. I want people to say that the guy from Ghana is the best in the world. I always do all I can to get that respect. I want to be appreciated, this game is so hard, I want to be recognized for having longevity and for giving the fans the fights they want.”

Clottey said he’s more dangerous coming off a loss and the Ghanaian gave fair warning to Pacquiao, his first opponent since the defeat to Cotto.

“I’m coming with everything and I’m good at bouncing back from a loss,” said Clottey whose older brother Emmanuel, 35, also campaigns as a welterweight. “I want to fight everybody in my weight division. I will fight anybody. If the people asked me to go heavyweight, I’d go there. I fight for the people and want them to love me.”

Even before fighting Cotto, Clottey already had visions of meeting Pacquiao. “I know Cotto is a good fighter and it’s not an easy fight for either of us,” he said. “If I go in the ring and beat Cotto and they keep talking about him fighting Pacquiao, then the only thing I ask is that they give me Pacquiao.” Clottey, of course, felt he deserved the decision over Cotto and that’s why he insists he’s Pacquiao’s rightful next opponent.

“I did enough to win,” said Clottey, referring to the Cotto bout. “If you watch the fight closely, you can see he never beat me. I beat the guy and the people know that. Robberies are no good for boxing. I would love a rematch with Cotto and Margarito because both those fights are questionable losses for me. I beat Cotto yet they gave it to him. If I lose a fight fairly, I would admit it.”

Ghana has produced several world boxing champions, including Nelson, Ike Quartey, Joseph Agbeko, David Kotei and Alfred Kotey. Clottey is determined to join the elite roster and what more spectacular way to do it than at Pacquiao’s expense.



By Andre Zurbrug | January 13, 2010

"If there was a steroid for Manny Pacquiao, it is God. He believes in God and God will decide who wins the fight and that's his outlook on sports. He's not that type of guy who would ever use an enhancing drug," commented 2009 Trainer of the Year Freddie Roach, who is now putting the controversy regarding blood testing behind him as he and Pacquiao begin training for the March 13th title defense against Joshua Clottey.

In a recent interview with the OnTheGrind Boxng Team, Roach shared his final thoughts on Mayweather's controversial request for Olympic-style blood testing:

"The thing is everyone in the world acts differently to giving blood. Some people pass out, some people feint, some people feel dizzy and some people don't feel anything. I'm one of those people, I can give blood and I feel fine, but, the thing is Manny Pacquiao, when he gives blood, I lose him for like 3 to 4 days because he doesn't feel well. And the thing is I'm not going to have my fighter go into a ring in the biggest fight of his life knowing that he might not feel 100% because he had to give blood 4 days or 3 days or 2 days or 1 day before a fight. It's just not going to happen. It's not in the rules. A urine test and a saliva test will show the same as blood. Olympic-style blood testing, when they save blood, it's to compare the blood from year to year. This is a one-fight deal. They're not going to save the blood and compare it from year to year because the enzymes change and if it was an enhancing drug, it may not showing anything in the blood that urine and saliva won't. That's Olympic-style training and Olympic-style training goes year by year by year because they test these amatuer athletes for 10 years straight because they can be in 2 or 3 Olympics and all of that. So, it's not relevant. I mean, I called one of my best friends, who works for the NFL, and one of the head drug persons with the OIC told me that saliva, hair and urine shows exactly the same as blood. I mean, HGH can't be detected by any tests, so there's always something."

"We've never tested positive. We don't have any symptoms of steroids. He doesn't break out in pimples, he doesn't get moody, he's always smiling, he has no symptoms of steroid use at all, but all of a sudden, Paulie Malignaggi and Floyd Mayweather, instead of just saying he's a good fighter, say that he's on drugs because he's so good. You know what? That's a slap in the face. Why can't they just say he's a good fighter. I mean, becuase you know what, Floyd Mayweather, he's a very good fighter, he's great at what he does, you know, but he's scared of my guy."

And with that, Freddie Roach has now closed this chapter on blood testing and Floyd Mayweather Jr. At least for now, the 2009 Trainer of the Year can look to the future and start focusing on the task at hand on March 13th, a task that won't be easy, but such is the case when you're training the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.


Pacquiao's camp to bat for 145-lb catchweight

Pacquiao vs Clottey Updates
By Abac Cordero (The Philippine Star) Updated January 14, 2010 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Manny Pacquiao wants Josh Clottey to trim down to 145 lb for their WBO welterweight title fight on March 13 in Texas.

“We will push for 145 pounds just like in the Miguel Cotto
fight,” said Pacquiao’s lawyer, Franklin Gacal, in an exclusive ABS-CBN interview yesterday.

“We will push for that catchweight,” he added despite a statement earlier issued by chief trainer Freddie Roach that they’re ready to take on the former IBF welterweight champion at 147 lb.

“These guys (Cotto and Clottey) are naturally bigger than Manny,” said Gacal.

Pacquiao fought Cotto at a catchweight of 145 lb, weighed in at 144 and climbed the ring under 150. It’s the winning formula as far as Roach is concerned, and to the trainer two pounds less wouldn’t spell a difference.

“I think Manny can fight Clottey at 147. He is the welterweight champion and therefore should fight anyone at 147,” said one of Pacquiao’s adviser, Wakee Salud.

It may not be too good for Pacquiao’s image if he calls himself the welterweight champion but calls for a catchweight each time he fights.

“Medyo hindi nga maganda. But as long as the opponents agree, then there’s nothing wrong with it,” said Salud.

Against Cotto, Pacquiao proved that he can take any of the world’s best welterweights, and their punches as well. He took the best Cotto could offer and ended up knocking out the Puerto Rican in the 12th and final round.

The Pacquiao vs Clottey showdown will take place at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, after a superfight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. bogged down due to a disagreement on the blood-testing procedure.

Mayweather had wanted to keep the March 13 date at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but reports came out yesterday that the fight had been pushed to April because HBO had decided to stick with the Pacquiao fight for its pay-per-view coverage.

Mayweather’s camp said there’s no way the undefeated American will face Paulie Malignaggi and had shifted its focus to Nate Campbell.


Arum readies private jet for Pacquiao’s press tour

Pacquiao vs Clottey Online Live Streaming
January 13, 2010, 5:02pm

LOS ANGELES – Manny Pacquiao will be traveling in style when he goes on a two-day publicity tour of Dallas and New York next week to promote his March 13 battle with Joshua Clottey of Ghana at Cowboys Stadium.

“Manny will be flying on a private plane all the way (from Los Angeles to Dallas and to New York and back to Los Angeles),” said Top Rank chief Bob Arum as he eagerly awaits the arrival of the Filipino pound-for-pound king from Manila.

Pacquiao will grace the kickoff press conference at Cowboys Stadium on January 19 then head to New York for another media affair at the Madison Square Garden the next day. From the Big Apple, Pacquiao will return to Hollywood on the same day so he could show up at the Wild Card the following day for the first day of training camp under Freddie Roach.

Arum can’t wait to get things started although when the press tour makes a stop in Dallas, he will allow Texas billionaire Jerry Jones – owner of the Cowboys Stadium and the fabled National Football League team – to take the spotlight.

“Jerry Jones could be the greatest promoter in the world,” said Arum. “He is a crazy guy--crazy in the kind of way. The guys in Texas are very, very excited.”

Going up a notch, Arum said Jones might end up being a great promoter of boxing after the Pacquiao-Clottey clash.

“He is better than me and (Don) King,” said Arum, adding that the alluring Cowboys cheerleaders are also going to be in attendance to add glamour to the already-appealing event.

Immediately after signs pointed to a collapse in negotiations for the fancied showdown between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather a few weeks ago, Arum said Jones expressed his interest in bringing Pacquiao to his brand-new $1.2 billion facility in the city of Arlington, which is just outside Dallas.

Jones had attempted to land the botched Pacquiao-Mayweather tiff but the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was awarded the rights to host that fight.

Having a private plane on hand has become a tradition starting with Pacquiao’s landmark fight with Oscar De La Hoya.

After Pacquiao polished off the Golden Boy in Dec. 2008, Arum has arranged for the same VIP treatment for the world’s premier puncher against Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto last year.

Flying on private jet is ultra-expensive but Arum believes Pacquiao deserves to be treated like a true VIP, being the representative of his sport.



Pacquiao vs Clottey Online Live Streaming
By Lito delos Reyes
Wed, 13 Jan 2010

DAVAO City – Reigning WBO welterweight king Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao will leave on Sunday for the US to start training for his fight against challenger Joshua Clottey on March 13 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Pacquiao, who is celebrating here the birthday of his wife Jinky together with their family members and close friends only at the Paradise Island Beach and Park in Samal Island, will leave together with Michael Koncz, trainer Nonoy Neri, lawyer Jing Gacal and assistant cook Haplas Fernandez.

Assistant Filipino trainer buboy Fernandez is now already at the Wild Card gym in Los Angeles with chief trainer Freddie Roach.

Koncz said they will have a press conference in New York on Wednesday then go back to Los Angeles to resume training.

Pacquiao has been playing basketball with his MP Warriors team in General Santos City for the past three weeks already. He also enjoyed jetskiing and scuba diving here at the beach resort for two days now.

“I think it’s a good conditioning for Manny,” Koncz said.

Pacquiao is expected to make seven weeks of full training at the Wild Card gym.

Koncz said Clottey is a dangerous opponent since he “has a volume of punches, much more punches and better defense than Miguel Cotto.”

Pacquiao captured the WBO crown via a 12-round TKO of Cotto at a 145-catch weight.

Jinky Pacquiao celebrates birthday at Paradise island

JINKY Pacquiao celebrated her 31st birthday with her husband Manny Pacquiao and their family and close friends at the Paradise Island Beach resort and Park at the Island Garden City of Samal last Jan. 11 to 13.

All of their family members were present except for Manny’s mother Dionesia, who is reportedly busy shooting. Manny, who is set to leave this Sunday for the US to start his training against new opponent Joshua Clottey on March 13 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, enjoyed the aqua facilities provided by the Wind and Wave Davao at the Paradise Beach Resort.

Manny enjoyed riding the jetski and also went scuba diving together with Police Chief Inspector Alden Delvo, station commander of the Sasa Police Station.

They enjoyed the sumptuous seafood and hospitality provided by the resort.

“We really enjoyed the food here and superb services,” they said.


Roach Thinks Teddy Atlas is a FA…yohoo!!!

Pacquiao vs Clottey Online Live Streaming
By Anthony 'Duljoman' Andales
Wed, 13 Jan 2010

B-787 Charleston – Teddy Atlas the ESPN’s Friday Night Fight host tells all about his anonymous, very reliable source that Team Pacquiao sent an email to Team Mayweather those “what if’s… Manny used PEDs, can we kept it secret?”. Lots of people questioned it, lots of people asked “how come the very respectable Teddy Atlas come up with that gossip, that very gay type of report?”

Do you think pambansang anino has Floyd’s email? Hehehehehe… I don’t think so. How about Buboy? Impossible!

Roach told me at the phone yesterday that he lost respect for Teddy Atlas. "I used to like him a lot but I tink he is a f@(<|#& a$$#@|*. He never gave credit to Manny, and what he’s preaching right now are all lies."

"Leonard, Hearns, Dela Hoya, Duran, Henry Armstrong are multiple champions in several different weight classes. Did we hear anything accusing them of steroids? No! they never did and they never will. So, I’m tired of this bs," Roach said.

I told Roach, what if they came back with “those were yesteryears, steroids don’t exist yet at that time”… Roach responds that "steroids were here long time ago, older than Sugar Ray, Hitman, Hands of Stone, etc… it’s just that he don’t like to acknowledged Manny."

By the way, steroids were already banned by the International Olympic Committee in 1967, Sugar Ray Leonard was barely 11 years old at that time.

Teddy Atlas told Boxingtalk G. Leon many people forget that James Lightsout Toney was tested positive when he fought John “the new Golden Boy recruit” Ruiz, and the trainer was Freddie Roach. Roach's retort: "I never said that James is clean. But in Manny’s case I’m saying that he is clean, never caught with something illegal as per any boxing commissioning body after every the fight. Then why should we follow Mayweather’s. Is he the commissioner now?"

Tell us Freddie then why is Mayweather making this fight so hard? "It’s very simple, HE IS SCARED! MANNY WILL PASTE HIS SHOULDERS IN HIS CHEEKS FOREVER."

Roach on Clottey

Ok… lets go to Joshua Clottey. If he didn’t fight easy in the last 2 rounds against Cotto, he might get the decision. Cotto barely won the fight.

Personally regardless of money, I prefer this fight against Mayweather. This is a very entertaining fight, fans will like this one. He is strong and a legitimate opponent for Manny. We’ll approach this fight more difficult than that of Hatton, Cotto and Dela Hoya. He is very hungry and this is a chance for him to be on top. So, we will not overlook Clottey.

Clottey’s 3 losses were a DQ loss from Carlos Baldomir, Unanimous Decision loss to Antonio Margartio and a Split Decision loss to Miguel Cotto. But he never been knockedout. But he was knocked down by a Cotto jab in the first round. That’s ok, Alfonso Gomes of Teddy Atlas’ ESPN contender (hosted by “multiple weight champion Sugar Ray Leonard”) show was knocked down by a Cotto Jab also.


I’m calling Mr. Jerry Jones, if he can’t bring Manny and Money in the ring, why not invite the two on next month’s NBA All-Star… Manny on the Blue Team with Mark Wahlberg and Floyd on the Red Team with .50cent… Iverson said that don’t want to play on the All-star weekend if selected, why not? Fans still love him… especially in Philly… I happened to have my dinner at a Filipino restaurant and they showed PBA, I watched PBA since 5 years old, I like Vargas of Gilbeys Gin, Dante Gonzalgo, the late Rey Cuenco, Terry Saldana, the late Arnulfo Tuadles, Vic Sanchez, Brews Bros., and most of all Jaworski and I like the foul defense of Chito Loyzaga too… but man, this isn’t right, that new PBA is all fashion show, where is the rivalry? Where is the exchanging of faces, Steve Watson against Alvin Teng versus Patrimonio?... I hurriedly finished my bistik, pancit, homaiing kan on and afritada, to avoid looking on the big screen watching those players, whose hearts don’t belong to the hardwood… it looks to me they belonged to the beauty parlor… so this is my pound for pound in PBA… A 7’1” Paras, a 6’9” Patrimonio, a 6’7” Menesses, a 6’6” Caidic and a 6’6” Jaworski…NBA are Olajuwon, Malone, Bird, Jordan and Magic Johnson… Yohoo!!! Kumbatea!!! Pit Senyor sa Kutsero kini! Pit Senyor sa mga Tanod kini! Pit Senyor sa hambuguero kini! Pit Senyor sa buotan kini!


Team Pacquiao to push for catchweight vs Clottey

Pacquiao Clottey 24/7 Episodes
MANILA, Philippines – A member of Team Pacquiao revealed their plan to propose a catchweight for the March 13 fight between Manny Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey, after it was earlier reported that trainer Freddie Roach said there will be no catchweight.

“We will push for the 145 [lbs.] catchweight,” Pacquiao’s lawyer, Jeng Gacal, told ABS-CBN’s “Umagang Kay Ganda.”

According to Gacal, the fight deal is sealed, save for the possible catchweight. Pacquiao and Clottey are slated to fight at 147 lbs.

“Ilalakad po natin tulad po sa nangyari sa [Miguel] Cotto fight na 145. Talagang mas malaki ang mga taong ito,” said Gacal, referring to Clottey and Cotto who were naturally bigger fighters than Pacquiao.

Roach, on the other hand, earlier said that the Filipino boxing superstar was comfortable with fighting at 147 lbs.

“It will be at 147. There’s no catchweight,” Roach told A catchweight describes the weight limit for a fight that does not fall in traditional limits for weight classes.

Pacquiao will put his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title at stake when he faces Ghana’s Clottey, the former International Boxing Federation (IBF) welterweight champion, at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Feather in cap

Gacal went on to disclose Pacquiao’s plans for his training camp.

“Sa America po [ang training] ang plano ni Manny. Ngayong Linggo, maaaring lumipad kami patungong America.”

As for the purse split, Gacal stated: “Maganda po ang hatian sapagkat ito’y natural na mas pabor ito kay Manny Pacquiao sapagkat alam naman po natin na ang alas dito ay si Manny Pacquiao.”

The lawyer also commented on Pacquiao’s upcoming debut at the Cowboys Stadium.

“Sa sitwasyon pong ito, talagang yung may-ari ng stadium na si Mr. Jerry Jones, talagang gusto niyang makuha si Manny Pacquiao na mapanood sa kaniyang lugar. Ito po ay ika nga, feather in his cap."

“At maganda naman po ang naging offer ni Mr. Jerry Jones so ito po ay makakabuti rin sa dalawang boxer at para mabago rin ang venue. Medyo lagi nalang sa Vegas,” noted Gacal.


The seven-division champion was supposed to fight Floyd Mayweather, Jr. at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The much-anticipated bout, however, was called off because the boxers’ camps disagreed on the drug testing protocol.

“Hindi ko alam kung mangyayari pa,” Gacal said of the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight. “Siguro kung magbabago ang takbo ng pag-iisip ni Floyd ay maaring mangyayari.”

He also mentioned that there are other plans lined up for Pacquiao if ever he wins over his Ghanaian foe.

Meanwhile, Gacal said the Clottey fight will not get in the way of Pacquiao’s political plans of running for the Saragani Province congressional seat in May.

He believes that Pacquiao’s two-month absence from the local scene, as he will be training and fighting in the US, will not affect his political campaign.

“Hindi pa naman puwede mangampanya sapagkat ang pangangampanya ng local officials ay magsisimula sa March 26. Mahaba-haba na rin yung preparasyon ni Manny sa kaniyang pagtakbo. He started almost a year ago.”

Source: Yahoo! News

* * Featured Columnist Pacquiao's Determination vs. Clottey's Tenacity and Theatrics

Pacquiao vs Clottey Updates
So Pacquiao-Mayweather fell through. It’s not the end of the world. The Pacquiao-Clottey fight has tremendous potential to be a classic match. Given the styles of both fighters, there’s just no way that this fight could fail to be exemplary of boxing at its best.

Joshua Clottey is a rough, tough, genuine welterweight with a rock-solid defense. The 33-year-old boasts a record of 35-3-0 with 20 knockouts.

Stylistically, he relies heavily upon his quick footwork and superb blocking abilities. When attacked, he consistently holds his hands high with elbows tucked in tight to the body. He’s very hard to hit when he’s on his guard.

He’s also impressively resilient. This guy doesn’t run out of gas in the later rounds.

In addition to his boxing abilities, his demeanor inside the ring should provide plenty of quality entertainment. He tends to engage in overly dramatized theatrics at every hint of a foul.

He showcased his acting abilities on several occasions during his June 13, 2009 bout with Miguel Cotto.

When Clottey found himself trapped in the corner, he decided to initiate a rather unorthodox clinch by throwing his upper body over the top of Cotto’s left shoulder.

Cotto promptly demonstrated his distaste for the unusual tactic by lifting Clottey up and body slamming him face-first to the canvas.

Clottey then took an extended break while rolling around on the canvas and acting like he was dying.

This is ironic considering that he jumped to his feet quickly after Cotto knocked him off balance, sending him momentarily to the canvas in Round One. He wasn’t hurt then either.

Theatrics aside, Clottey is a tough character with an iron jaw. He has never been knocked out despite going against such top-tier opponents as Zab Judah and Antonio Margarito.

His loss to Miguel Cotto came by means of a controversial split decision.

How will Pacquiao fare against Clottey’s defensive mastery? Pacquiao is a busy fighter, so he will undoubtedly spend a lot of time and energy punching at Clottey’s gloves and shoulders. Punches to the sides of Clottey’s body could prove to be most effective in wearing him down.

Clottey is a good counterpuncher who carefully and accurately chooses his spots. It’s no secret that Pacquiao has had difficulty with good counterpunchers in the past.

This fight will definitely not be a repeat of Pacquiao-Hatton.

Pacquiao prefers fighters who are willing to engage in extended toe-to-toe slugfests, and it’s highly unlikely that Clottey will oblige.

This will necessitate Pacquiao to rely on his own counter punching skills. He will need to take advantage of those times that Clottey attempts to score.

This is when he is most likely to land something that will hurt Clottey. Pacquiao’s unconventional style and weird punching angles will be the major factor in the fight.

Even though Clottey has never been defeated by knockout, I think Pacquiao will eventually sneak something in that will hurt Clottey. At that point Clottey’s defense will become penetrable and Manny will finish him.

After one particularly impressive flurry from Miguel Cotto, Clottey dropped both hands, smiled, and shook his head to taunt Cotto.

I wonder if he’ll do that to Pacquiao?

My prediction: Manny Pacquiao wins by TKO in Round 10.


Mainstream interruption: ESPN analysts talk Mayweather, Pacquiao, and Clottey

Pacquiao vs Clottey Online Live Streaming
Las Vegas Boxing Examiner | Chris Robinson

Ask anyone connected the sport of boxing, either as a fan or professional, and they will tell you how easy it is to get caught up in the sport. While mainstream sports such as Basketball and Football are constantly on display for the world to see, boxing enthusiasts are a rare breed. The passion and sometimes obsession that pundits have for the sweet science can only be put into perspective when hearing the opinion of the often less educated and less interested mainstream public.

Such opinion was on display earlier this week when taking in the Monday edition of ESPN’s ‘Around the Horn’, featuring analysts Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon. The show, which by my own admission is both enjoyable and informative on many levels, is centered around the worlds of mainstream sports but the attention does get turned to boxing on occasion.

On Monday Kornheiser and Wilbon discussed a myriad of topics such as Mark McGwire’s admittance of steroid use in years past, the past weekend’s thrilling NFL Wild Card playoff game between the Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers, and recent rumors that long-time bachelor Derek Jeter very well may be tying the knot with Minka Kelly. Then, out of nowhere, the attention was turned to the upcoming March 13th Manny Pacquiao-Joshua Clottey title tilt at the Dallas Cowboys stadium.

While its always refreshing for boxing to get some attention on mainstream airwaves, seeing Kornheiser and Wilbon speak of Clottey as if he was a nobody was a definite surprise. While they weren’t meaning to show disrespect to the former IBF Welterweight champion, the ESPN crew obviously didn’t have any prior knowledge of the rugged fighter from Ghana.

Before touching on the Pacquiao-Clottey matchup, Wilbon turned his attention to the recent Pacquiao-Mayweather fallout, stating his belief that the Las Vegas fighter is at fault for not finding a way to make the clash happen. With such disappointment still lingering, Wilbon is in no mood to even consider the positives of a showdown with Clottey.

“This is a huge mistake. Mayweather I blame entirely. I’m not going to see this fight. Who wants to see this fight?”

Kornheiser then took the mic and spoke on the Pacquiao-Clottey matchup. While obviously not being familiar with Clottey in the slightest, Kornheiser mentioned that he hopes the bruising and aggressive Welterweight contender doesn’t find a way to win the fight, as it would all but ruin a possible Pacquiao-Mayweather showcase for down the road.

“I just hope this guy Clottey can’t fight.”

While it was frustrating to see a fighter of Clottey’s abilities get so little recognition, Kornheiser brought everything full circle with his parting words. In closing he summed up what everyone is still thinking about Mayweather coming into Pacquiao’s life.

“They can still negotiate behind the scenes. I still won’t throw in the towel on the fight.”

That sixty second showcase on ‘Pardon the Interruption’ was somewhat revealing to me. Ask any boxing fan and they will tell you that while not having Pacquiao face Mayweather is a disappointment, having Clottey step in will serve as a great replacement. Pacquiao-Clottey is real fight and an interesting matchup to boot.

While I can’t blaim ESPN for not getting into the fight simply because it’s not on the level of a Mayweather tango, it certainly shows the difference of opinion between the mainstream media and the hardcore fan.


WBO requires only postfight urine test for Clottey-Pacquiao

Pacquiao vs Clottey Online Live Streaming
Boxing Examiner | Michael Marley

WBO President Francisco “Paco” Valcartcel has confirmed that his organization will require no blood testing for welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao or top contender Joshua Clottey regarding their March 13 bout at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

“If Texas state law required blood testing,” Valcarcel said Tuesday, “then we would go along with it. I understand their only blood test is for licensing and its purpose is screening Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.

“Both fighters will be subject to our immediate postfight urine testing as per usual with a WBO title match.”

Valcarcel said he is keen on the fight and the dazzling venue.

“It’s a great start for the New Year. Clottey is very tough but a little bit slow. I think it’s a solid fight. And fighting in the new stadium should be exciting.”

Valacarcel, who attended funeral services for Miguel Cotto Sr., confirmed that Miguel Jr. and his estranged trainer-uncle mourned the family’s loss together.

I asked “Paco” about recurring rumors that uncle and nephew might reunite in boxing. Word is Cotto will challenge WBA junior middleweight champion Yuri Foreman June 12 in the now traditional night before the Puerto Rican Day Parade show at Madison Square Garden.


Bob Arum jabs: Oscar De La Hoya no mental genius

Pacquiao vs Clottey News
Boxing Examiner | Michael Marley

Bob Arum, basking in the glow of one of his most masterful coups since he sold the world on the idea that Evel Knievel was actually going to jump the Snake River Canyon with a motorcycle, said Tuesday that he remains “amazed” at what he labeled the “nuts and totally bizarre” conduct of Floyd Mayweather’s team.

“What can I say, they made baseless and false allegations about Manny but they were in the ring against me, the greatest counterpuncher of all time!”

Arum, who will be elbow to elbow with his new billionaire buddy Jerry Jones at lavish Manny Pacquiao-Joshua Clottey press conferences in Dallas next Tuesday and at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, said he will stage the Pacman bout at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium with or without the backing of HBO PPV.

“It’s going to be spectacular, the biggest Manny Pacquiao event yet,” Arum said from his Las Vegas office. “Forget the boxers because I get to pick four of the Cowboy cheerleaders to work as the round card girls. Now that is important.”

Arum was tightlipped about details but another source hinted that Jones is going to bring the full force of his NFL franchise’s marketing and publicity arms and perhaps tap into some league sources to hype Pacman-Clottey on both network and cable networks.

“Jerry is the best promoter I have ever seen and he is so enthusiastic,” Arum said.

Knievel's Snake River Canyon jump, a special Bob Arum promotion

Mayweather’s plans, meanwhile, are clouded except that Golden Boy Promotions keep insisting he will fight somebody, maybe former lightweight champion Nate Campbell on the same March 13 date (MGM Grand), going head to head with the top rated contender from Ghana fighting for Manny’s WBO 147 pound belt.

(Click here to see the fan backlash to Pacquiao-Mayweather not taking place.)

Arum cited a Fightnews report by Craig Watt in which Ricky Hatton’s brother repeated his assertion that GBP’s Richard Schaefer and Mayweather minder Leonard Ellerbe both called his reps “a month ago” about fighting the unbeaten Floyd in the UK.

“That shows you,” Arum said, “they never has any true intention of fighting Manny next. They have this bizarre mentality, these people, that you have to drink the Mayweather Kool Aid, that everything I do and everyone else does is about Mayweather, that the world revolves around him.

“As far as Campbell, I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe it. Mayweather and Campbell, where is that going? Campbell quit in his last fight. What are they thinking about?”

Arum said he wouldn’t respond to Oscar de la Hoya’s jab that the 79 year old head of Top Rank is “a T- Rex dinosaur.”

Then, of course, he did jab back at his former charge.

“You can go back to the schoolyard with that remark,” Arum said. “It’s not even original, calling me a dinosaur because Bernard (Hopkins) said it some years ago. Do I really need to respond to such a profound statement, a statement that comes from a mental genius like Oscar?”

Arum repeated his references to “McCarthyism” in reports from unnamed sources, first by Tim Smith in the New York Daily News and then by Teddy Atlas on ESPN, that someone on the Pacman side sent email(s) to the Mayweather camp asking what could happen if Manny came up dirty on a drug test.

“That was written and said by syncophants of Mayweather, by people who got caught up in it, who drink the Mayweather Kool-Aid,” Arum said. “There are no emails, if there were don’t you think they would have been waving them all around? I don’t even know to actually send an email, I don’t type on the computer. Only Todd (TR president duBoef) was sending out emails and he didn’t send out anything like that.”

Arum also repeated his shots at former Swiss banker Schaefer and said his background never prepared him to deal with Mayweather.

“Al Haymon needs someone to go in the forefront for him and Schaefer doesn’t know how to handle someone like Floyd. He can’t handle Floyd the way Don King would handle him.”

If Herr Schaefer or Oskie care to respond to Counterpuncher Bob, they can dial me directly at 917 853 4484 at any given time.

That goes triple for Leonard Ellerbe.

I am trying for an Equal Time Doctrine here but I’m not sipping anyone’s Kool-Aid.


Opinion: Filling Huge Cowboys Stadium a Tough Job for Pacquiao and Arum

The Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas is a huge venue for major events like boxing. The stadium will host the upcoming Pacquiao-Clottey match on March 13 but boxing fans wonder if the giant stadium will be filled with people on fight night.
Pacquiao will face Joshua Clottey on March 13 at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium for the WBO welterweight crown currently held by the popular Filipino boxer.
The Pacquiao-Clottey boxing match came about when negotiations for the highly anticipated Pacquiao-Mayweather fight bogged down due to blood testing protocol as demanded by the Mayweather camp. The aborted fight was scheduled to be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on March 13.
Bob Arum, Pacquiao's promoter, announced Monday the staging of the Pacquiao-Clottey match at the Cowboys Stadium on March 13. Although nothing has been said about the actual contract signing for the Pacquiao-Clottey match, it appears that the fight will definitely happen as both boxers are under Top Rank promotions which is owned by Bob Arum.
Arum announced Monday that the fight venue is the Cowboys Stadium and a deal with the owner Jerry Jones has been finalized.
Since Joshua Clottey does not have a large following or dedicated fans compared to Pacquiao, the task of getting people to watch the bout lies on Pacquiao's crowd-drawing power.
Will Pacquiao be able to fill the stadium?
If the aborted Pacquiao-Mayweather match happens at the Cowboys Stadium as originally planned, there is no doubt the venue will be filled. The combined supporters and fans of Pacquiao and Mayweather were expected to troop to Texas from other States across the US.
With the Pacquiao-Clottey fight, it would be a bit difficult to fill the capacity of the stadium as Pacquiao will be the main crowd drawer while Clottey can only rally his limited fan base. This could be the primary reason why Arum decided to peg his target crowd at 50,000.
Everything, however, will depend on the promotional efforts that will be made by Top Rank. One of the effective ways to attract spectators to the venue will be to launch a promotional campaign aimed at the large Mexican boxing fans in US-Mexican border cities or even in Mexico where boxing is very popular.
Another factor would be the ticket pricing. If the price is made affordable or if can be priced lower than the pay-per-view tag, budget conscious fans may actually see the fight live rather that watching it at home on pay-per-view.


Pacquiao VS Clottey could be tricky

Pacquiao vs Clottey News
Mississippi Fight Sports Examiner | Brad Cooney

The March 13th bout between the pound for pound king, Manny Pacquiao and big Joshua Clottey could a tricky one. Everyone knows how fast Manny is, and everyone knows that he's proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can take down bigger guys. The thing about Joshua Clottey is that he has a rock for a chin, and he is big and strong.

I recently spoke with the chief of officials for the state of Mississippi, Stan Nichols and got his thoughts on the upcoming fight. Nichols, also the president of USA Boxing's Mid South area commented on the upcoming fight, "I think if Joshua Clottey is able to walk through Manny's punching power it could be a long night for Pacquiao. Clottey is a live opponent, one that need not be taken lightly." Nichols talked about Pacquiao's speed advantage, "On the other hand, Pacquiao's speed will provide trouble for Clottey, so this could shape up to be an interesting match."

Joshua Clottey has wins over former 3 time world champion Zab Judah, the late Diego "Chico" Corrales, and he lost a narrow decision to Miguel Cotto. Clottey is strong, and he hits pretty hard. Pacquiao brings his usual speed and his ability to take down bigger opponents to the table.

With all of the recent steroid accusations, and the slander lawsuit launched by Pacquiao at Mayweather, it's nice to finally move forward and look toward a good fight. Promoter Bob Arum and Manny Pacquiao should both be commended for taking on such a worthy opponent in Joshua Clottey.

Once again Pacquiao shows why he will go down as a first ballot hall of fame fighter. In agreeing to fight Joshua Clottey he again shows that he is ready and willing to take on all comers. Clottey is no joke, a live opponent, and a guy that knows that beating Manny would forever change his life.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bob Arum gives Top Rank State of the Union Address

Pacquiao vs Clottey News
by Ricardo Lois

Jan 10, 2009 -

Last Sunday Top Rank head honcho Bob Arum visited with The Boxing Truth Radio to discuss Manny Pacquiao’s upcoming battle with Joshua Clottey, the fall-out in negotiations with Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, the possibility of Edwin Valero fighting Humberto Soto, middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik’s next move, and other topics central to his promotion’s business.

(Click here to see arch-rival UFC President Dana White state how he's dying to see Mayweather-Pacquiao.)

Here is a transcript from the interview. (You can listen to the entire show here.)

THE BOXING TRUTH: We understand that the Joshua Clottey fight with Manny Pacquiao is now a done deal and will be going down to Cowboy’s stadium in Texas.

Bob Arum: That is correct. One of the most, the most magnificent facility in which I have ever put a fight. This arena, stadium is really something really special.

THE BOXING TRUTH: You know, a lot of the hard core fight fans are scratching their heads thinking of why this fight was made being that Clottey is such a dangerous opponent. How did you see this fight playing out, being that both guys are under the top ranked banner?

Bob Arum: Well, you know, Clottey is a dangerous opponent. Miguel Cotto was a dangerous opponent. If they’re not dangerous opponents who the hell wants to layout hard earned money to buy the pay-per-view? You know, I have an obligation to put together the best possible fight and that means a competitive fight. People don’t want to pay pay-per-view money, paid money for pay-per-view if the fight is not competitive, if it’s just an exhibition. And so there for we look, I thought Yuri Foreman against Pacquiao would be a compelling fight but Manny said that he was too tall. And so we looked around for the best possible welterweight that we could find that wasn’t engaged and that was Joshua Clottey. And I asked Manny would he fight him and he said yes, and so the fight was made.

THE BOXING TRUTH: Bob its funny a lot of people forget that you pretty much developed Floyd Mayweather as a fighter, you know he went on to do different things promotionally but you’re the one that developed his career. You have any inkling of who might, who Floyd Mayweather might be fighting next?

Bob Arum: Who Floyd Mayweather might be fighting next is up to Floyd Mayweather and his management completely. Floyd Mayweather, I see in my rear view mirror. I’m unconcerned with Floyd Mayweather and you know, please let him fight whomever he wants and if the public is interested in his fight they’ll buy and if they are not interested they won’t.

THE BOXING TRUTH: There’s going to be about 40,000 seats configured for this event. One thing we have heard as well Mr. Arum is that Antonio Margarito, if and when he gets reinstated by the California Athletic Commission, we might see the return of Margarito on that card.

Bob Arum: NO

THE BOXING TRUTH: Do you have something to say about that?

Bob Arum: Yeah, I think that’s a little incorrect. Under the rules of the ABC, Association of Boxing Commissioners, after the one-year has expired he can apply for license in any state. And he will apply for a license in Texas. So he doesn’t have to come back to California.

THE BOXING TRUTH: Any idea who he might be fighting on that event?

Bob Arum: Yeah, Bruce Trampler has tentatively picked out an opponent but I don’t, I don’t remember his name. It’s a pretty good fighter. Remember Antonio will have been off for over a year so he is not ready to go in for a kill. But this is a very competitive guy.

THE BOXING TRUTH: You know before the whole fiasco took place last January with the wraps and everything Antonio Maragrito was reaching a new level of stardom. Seeing that the unfortunate events of January 2009 have already taken place, are you concerned that his popularity and following taking hit? Or do you think that his very strong Mexican and Mexican American fan base will still be there to support him?

Bob Arum: Well you know, to say that it hasn’t taken somewhat of a hit is, would be fallacious. Of course it has taken a hit. I think though, that his fans and the boxing fans what to see him redeem himself. They want to see him come back and shed the trainer, who apparently was responsible for this happening. And you know, he is a terrific fighter, he’s an action fighter. And I think he will regain his popularity. But to say that it hasn’t taken a hit, you know, Mexican American boxing fans are not different from everybody. They were concerned about what happened with these hand wraps prior to the Mosley fight.

THE BOXING TRUTH: You know you being in boxing how many decades, what are your thought on some of the people within the public stating that they believe Manny is on a substance based on his rise within the weight classes. A lot of people are throwing that out there. How can you go ahead and explain Manny’s effectiveness while rising so quickly through the weight classes from 130 to 147?

Bob Arum: Well if you look at Floyd Mayweather, he’s risen the same way except he is going up higher. Manny hasn’t gone up a lot in weight. You know, he hasn’t gone up more than the likes of Roberto Duran did, I mean there’s nothing different now. You know, when he went, he was having trouble making 130 pounds and he complained about it. So I put him in on a 135 pounds with David Diaz and he was comfortable with that weight. And then when he fought De La Hoya, he came into the ring at I think 142 or something like that. But he ate breakfast and lunch before the weigh in. And then when he had to come in at 140 against Ricky Hatton he came in at 138. And then he came in at 144 I think for Cotto, he ate breakfast and lunch. So he hasn’t gone up in weight really appreciably since he fought David Diaz. Just a handful of pounds. People have vivid and unbelievable imagination. You know he’s fighting bigger but he is not going up in weight appreciably when he fights them. Just like all them in the past, like Henry Armstrong and Barney Ross and those guys. Fought in higher weight categories and really didn’t put on much weight themselves. I mean Manny Pacquiao if he had a fight tomorrow, a kid like Bradley who he’ll probably end up fighting down the road, he’ll fight him at a 140 pounds, easy. Easy, he’ll make 140 with out any problems.

THE BOXING TRUTH: Let me ask you this Bob, because it’s something that runs across my mind with so much mud slinging on the Internet towards Pacquiao and the performance enhancing drugs. During the last week there was talk of Floyd Mayweather possibly using a numbing agent on his hands or you know something of that nature to keep his brittle hands from feeling the pain and throwing punches inside the ring. Do you think that’s just the Internet being the Internet. How do you feel about those accusations being thrown at Mayweather now?

Bob Arum: I have no idea in truth. In truth I have no idea. That’s what we have boxing commissions for, to regulate all of this stuff. Not fighters to argue about it contractually, not fighters to make accusations about other fighters or promoters to make accusations about fighters. It’s these matters are in the purview of the applicable athletic commission. I read that article that he is talking about…I never heard of this alleged drug that Mayweather supposedly used. I don’t know anything about it. But people involved in these athletic commissions do, and they’re the ones that supervise it. Not you, not me and certainly not the fighters.

THE BOXING TRUTH: You know, taking a little bit about the boxing commission and you know, how this whole negotiation with Mayweather went down. You know a lot of people think he is trying to override the commission when it comes to setting these precedence for a fight to take place. You know, we had a caller on earlier on in the show that had questions regarding you know Manny acting out in that sort of controlled fashion where he wants everyone to bend to his rules. But he had questions about Manny setting fights at catch weights. Will there be catch weight fight from this point forward in Pacquiao’s fights above a 140 pounds?

Bob Arum: My thought is that there is nothing with a catch weight as long as it’s spelled out, and as long as fighters honor it. Mayweather had a catch weight fight with Marquez at 144 pounds. Well you know, for the Cotto fight we had a catch weight, I think a 145 and for Clottey there’s no catch weight. But there’s nothing wrong with catch weights as long as people adhere to the rules. You know boxing commissions don’t have control over the weight that fighters agree to fight. That’s totally different. And that’s purview of their regulations. Unless a fighter has signed a contract at a particular weight and comes in over weight.

(Click here to see The Boxing Truth's Ricardo Lois ask the fans about their reaction to Pacquiao-Mayweather falling apart!)

THE BOXING TRUTH: Let me ask you this Bob as we discuss more than Pacquiao and Mayweather, and there is a lot of great fights out there. And I’m kind of cheap and I hate paying those $39 for the Latin Fury pay-per-views, I’ll be the first to tell you. I hate shelling out $40 to watch those pay-per-views but I’ll shell out the $39 if you can make Humberto Soto verses Edgar Valero. That’s a fight that a lot of hard-core fight fans want to see. Is that something that you might be able to deliver us in 2010?

Bob Arum: Absolutely. The problem we have now and hopefully we’ll get it solved. And they tell me that the problem will be solved is that Valero when he visited Las Vegas for the Hatton – Pacquiao fight on a visa and was picked up for a DUI. And on the basis for that he went back to Venezuela and now he is being denied a visa until he goes to rehab, which apparently he has done, gets a certificate, etcetera and then the consol will give him a visa. If he gets a visa and comes into the United States when that fight can do some real money. Nothing would delight me more than to make that fight. I know that both fighters want to fight each other.

THE BOXING TRUTH: This past week we have heard third and forth hand as to exactly what took place during the mediations and how the fight fell apart on the table. We would like to get it first hand from you Bob Arum exactly how the mediation went and exactly what happened for the fight to not take place between Mayweather and Pacquiao.

Bob Arum: Well that’s, that’s one thing I can’t tell ya. I cannot tell you because there’s…in these mediations there is a proviso of confidentiality. And until the mediator absolves both parties of the confidentiality I can’t say what happened. I would love to do it. But I can’t. So hopefully the mediator down the road will say okay this is over now everybody has leaked this and leaked that and now you can say what you want about what happened. But right now I can’t do that.

THE BOXING TRUTH: You’re going to have Steve Luevano coming back into that ring. You’re going to have a big event out there in New York city with the Yuriorkis Gamboa, Juan Manuel Lopez, a lot of the exciting Latin fighters. Tell us a little bit about that event.

Bob Arum: Oh I am very excited about it. Lopez is fighting Luevano for the featherweight title and then Gamboa fights Mtagwa who gave Lopez such a tough time a number of months ago. And that fight I’m happy to say, you don’t have to go to your packet for any extra money because it’ll be televised live on HBO.

THE BOXING TRUTH: That is a wonderful card. Is your vision to put Lopez in with Gamboa later on or are you going to give Juan Manuel Lopez to shut up Celestino Caballero because that’s another fight Latino fight fans, hard-core fight fans are looking at Caballero verses Lopez. Which one of those fights do you think will come into fruition Lopez Caballero or Lopez Gamboa.

Bob Arum: Well you know all of those fights are great fights. And we’ll have to see coming off this one. Or Gamboa – Caballero that could be a good fight. So there’s a lot of mixes and matches, a lot of good fighters in these weight divisions. And eventually they’re all going to fight each other. Absolutely, I agree with you. What order that will be you know, I could see. We don’t promote Caballero but he’s supposedly a good fighter but we promote Lopez and we promote Gamboa. So you know, look neither guy is a cinch to beat their opponents. Lopez is no cinch against Lueveno. Lueveno got a hell of a shot to be him. And also Mtagwa gave Lopez a hell of a fight and he’s fighting Gamboa and who knows how that one comes out. So patience, patience, all of these guys will end up fighting each other.

THE BOXING TRUTH: Ah, just don’t make me pay $40 Bob. I don’t like shelling out man.

Bob Arum: But you’re not paying January 23, its on HBO you’re not paying anything. That’s pretty good. I get a little credit there right?

THE BOXING TRUTH: Kelly Pavlik had a great performance in December and an exciting fight. I think that he showed that he is still on top of his game. Everybody was looking forward to the Paul Williams bout. Is that a fight that is on the table right now? Or are you looking for other options for Kelly Pavlik?

Bob Arum: Well we are looking for other options. It looks like the Kelly Pavlik vs. Williams fight is impossible to make. You know, there were contracts in place, they were signed and Kelly because of the hand problem wasn’t able to fulfill the contract. So those contracts expired. But we offered them in good faith that we would go ahead with that fight if they just initialed the contract and made it applicable for March or April, which they refused to do. So obviously that fight is off the table. Kelly is looking at Sergio Martinez as a possible opponent also a unification match with Felix Stern. I know that Kelly would be willing to go to Germany to fight Sturm.

THE BOXING TRUTH: Let me ask you one more thing because I like everybody to have an opportunity to get things off their chest and clear the air. Another bombshell this Friday on ESPN Friday Night Fights the biggest sports network in the United States a big boxing outlet. And Teddy Atlas comes and says that someone from Manny Pacquiao’s camp said that someone in Pacquiao’s camp had gotten in contact with Mayweather’s camping asking what would happen if Pacquiao would have a positive drug test, would they keep it under wraps. What went through your mind when you see this unfolding on ESPN or when it got back to your desk?

Bob Arum: Well you know, I’m surprised Teddy Atlas making a wild statement like that without having at least seen the email. No such emails exists, no body would send a stupid email like that. No body even thought of that. That was misinformation spread, I think v. Mayweather camp, I think, I don’t know. But certainly no such email exists and no body in on our side would be stupid enough to send an email like that. So that’s one of these stories, you know so much of this reminds me of McCarthyism. Accuse, accuse without any evidence. “I hold here in my hand…”you’re too young to know this. “I hold here in my hand the names of 90 people in the State Department who are communist”. Same shit.

THE BOXING TRUTH: There you had it. Bob Arum, head honcho over at Top Rank.
Bob Arum: Go Cowboys! Win the Super Bowl so we can really show Pacquiao and Clottey at the Super Bowl.

THE BOXING TRUTH: I thought you were a Giants fan man.

Bob Arum: You know I called…listen I’m an honorable guy. This is the truth I actually called my friend Steve Tisch who is the chairman of the Giants and he gave me dispensation, one to do this fight in Cowboy stadium and two now that the Giants are out of the playoffs to root for the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl.

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