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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pacquiao-Clottey Finalized: Cowboys Stadium, Full Details

By Rick Reeno spoke with a very excited Bob Arum [CEO for Top Rank] on Sunday afternoon. Arum just closed a deal with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to stage Manny Pacquiao's defense of the WBO welterweight title against Joshua Clottey at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas on March 13. Arum and Top Rank president Todd duBoef flew to Texas on Saturday to meet with Jones. They sat and watched the Cowboys' big win over the Eagles. They plan to scale the venue for a crowd of 50,000 fans.

"We have deal for March 13. Rick, I have to tell you something - this place blew me away. It was the greatest place that I've ever been to. This boxing event will be so memorable for the fans and this not a normal stadium. It's hard to picture it unless you come here and see it for yourself with all of the electronics and the big screens," Arum said to BoxingScene.

There is still no word on HBO's involvement with the pay-per-view. Arum would like to get HBO on board, but he plans to move forward either way.

"We've been with them for a long time and if they want to participate that's fine, but if they don't we have major media companies that are ready to jump on board especially with the Cowboys and everything else," Arum said.

A two day press tour is already in play. Pacquiao-Clottey will have the kick-off press conference on January 18 in Dallas and the next stop on the tour will be in New York on the 19th. He plans to pack the undercard with Hispanic talent. Former welterweight champion Antonio Margarito is one of the fighters they are planning to put on the show. A three fight undercard is being put together for the pay-per-view.

"We're looking to put a lot of Hispanic fighters on the card. Margarito is one of them. I've already spoken with Dickie Cole [Texas Athletic Commission] on when he can apply [for a license]. Roberto Marroquin will definitely be on the show. They love him out here. And Bruce [Top Rank's head matchmaker] will put together some more matches," Arum said.

"There will be three fights underneath Pacquiao vs. Clottey. A press conference is scheduled for the 18th in Dallas and a New York press conference on the 19th. And as part of the deal we made with Jerry, is for them [Cowboys organization] to be involved."


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