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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mind control: Manny Pacquiao invades Floyd Mayweather's head

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Pacquiao vs Clottey
HOLLYWOOD—Like the proverbial blind squirrel who occasionally finds an acorn, I can get lucky.

On Thursday, I had such good fortune in my decision to skip the Shane Mosley-Floyd Mayweather outdoor, public-invited (as you can see from this photo only a few hundred people bothered to show up) event hard by the Staples Center.

I figured that Mosley has little to say that is newsworthy, especially after the dog and pony show had already been to New York and Washington, D.C., and that Mayweather would zip his normally flapping lips on the subject of Manny Pacquiao.

So, when I attended Megamanny's Thursday workout and saw none of the familiar Pinoy media personnel there -- Chino Trindiad of GMA, Nick Giongco of Manila Bulletin and their colleagues -- I figured the lads had taken a shot at pursuing Mayweather.

Now, Examiner colleague Dennis Guillermo reports that Mayweather refused to speak to any Filipino media, at least on anything involving Pacman.

(Historical context, you young-uns might like to know that NEITHER Joe Frazier nor Muhammad Ali ever refused to talk about the other guy.)

Guillermo quotes Trinidad, who works the Pacman beat the way ABC TV bird dog Sam Donaldson used to cover the White House, and was apparently told that L'il Floyd refused to do any big talking about Manny, the only guy extant who can whip him, “so close to the fight.”

Give us a break in White Gorilla Land, will ya?

See DSource on Mayweather's moronic, self imposed Pacman question ban.

See Ricardo Lois on May 1 bout being "best America has to offer."

Mayweather won't discuss Pacquiao on March 4 when his fight is TWO MONTHS away?

Geez, Louise, I didn't know Pacquiao was such a tender, sensitive topic for The Mouth That Bored.

Does this mean Roger and Floyd Sr. will also refuse to let Pacman's name cross their blubbering lips at least until May 2? One can only hope so.

Look, I'm a white guy American, not a Filipino. Although I try.

But no one likes to go where they are not wanted or where they are treated rudely or hampered in doing their job.

The nerve, the audacity, the unmitigated gall of the Pinoy media compatriots wanting to ask boxer Mayweather about another boxer and a possible fight which is projected as the biggest financial windfall ever. Imagine, asking a boxer boxing questions.

Is this some kind of invasion of personal privacy?

Mayweather's no-Pacman talk stunt is as moronic as President Obama coming out at a press conference and saying, “Okay, ladies and germs, I will not take any questions today on health care or the economy. You got anything else? Oh, yeah, nothing on Iran, either.”

I mean, what would remain, asking “Bam Bam” if he thinks LeBron will dump Cleveland to go to the Knickerbockers?

I've got a big news flash for L'il Floyd. Outside of a prospective bout against Pacman, you're not that compelling.

I'm not calling for any Flocott or Floydcott, anything like that. Mosley remains a gentleman of the highest rank, albeit not the brightest lamp.

And Mayweather-Mosley can't be badmouthed as a matchup although it may disappoint in terms of solid action over 36 minutes.

But, if I was Filipino or just a Pacquiao fan, I would consider dodging this bout, in person or on PPV TV.

I mean, come on, it's “too close to the fight.”

You can give Mayweather your attention, your patronage on May 2, when it won't cost you anything.

Meanwhile, don't blame any Mayweather minion.

When he throws a tantrum like this one, it's best to leave him in his crib and let him cry it out.

At Pacman's camp, he takes daily questions about Mayweather just as he took some on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on national television Wednesday night. Flipping channels, you could see Floyd ducking all Pacman questions from Michael Wilbon on ESPN.

Guess Manny is really inside his head, huh?

This invasion might just be getting started.


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