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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Headline: Can Pacquiao wipeout Clottey?

Pacquiao vs Clottey, Pacquiao vs Clottey News
By: Albert Alvarez

In Pacquiao’s last fight, Pacquiao was tested by one of the hardest punchers in the sport in Miguel Cotto. I recall Pacquiao getting buzzed for a second or two in a wild exchange against Cotto in the very early going of their great action packed fight. After the light buzz, Pacquiao then took Cotto’s best shots and took them with ease, Pacquiao later said that the Boriqua Bombers hard shots did indeed hurt, but Pacquiao pretended in his own mind that they really didn’t hurt. Come March 13, can Pacquiao pretend that Clottey’s fierce left hook tickles? I sure hope so, because come March 13 I will be picking Pacquiao to get the W over Clottey. I however do not see this fight as a wipeout as most observers out there are seeing this affair play out. I see this fight as a 8 rounds-4 or 7 rounds-5 kind of fight for Pacquiao. Many are picking Pacquiao based on 2 things, that is speed and power.

I will agree that Pacquiao does have the speed and power advantages over Clottey, but speed and power will not win this fight for Pacquiao. The things that will win this fight for Pacquiao will be heart and will. Will Pacquiao’s heart will The Pac-Man to keep firing off shots when he finds a steel iron chin Clottey resting on the ropes with his ear muffs on? How will Pacquiao react when he discovers that he can’t hurt Clottey as easily as he was able to hurt has past foes? Those are great questions to ask, but the bottom line is that Clottey just doesn’t throw enough shots to derail the Pacquiao Express. If I am Clottey, I would bring the fight to Pacquiao and constantly have Pacquiao backing up, Pacquiao is at his best when he is the one moving forward sitting on his punches and picking his spots. This is why I would push forward and place Pacquiao in a whole different place, take the rythym away from him. Can the Grand Master from Ghana do just that? I don’t think so. Pacquiao By UD.


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