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Monday, March 8, 2010

Boxing’s Finest Sound Off on Pacquiao vs Clotte

Pacquiao vs Clottey Online Live Streaming, Pacquiao vs Clottey, Pacquiao vs Clottey News, Pacquiao vs Clottey Updates
Pacquiao vs Clottey
On the cusp of boxing’s super-season the world’s focus remains on Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. While we await their hopeful showdown both men have tall tasks in front of them this spring. Mayweather will face Shane Mosley on May 1, a bout that will be touched off on in the coming weeks, while Pacquiao dukes it out with the upset minded Joshua Clottey. I have compiled the thoughts of a number of boxers, and am lucky enough to be able to put together an amazing list of predictions. I consulted fighters from lightweight to heavyweight, male and female, amateur prospect to world champion, from America to Australia to see how they see this event playing out. Some were elaborative, while some kept it short and sweet. See how their predictions match up with mine and your own, and tune in March 13 to see who’s vision plays out.

I think Pac will overwhelm Clottey with a lot of activity, I look for a late stoppage or unanimous decision. I also see very game and tough Clottey throughout. – Steve Forbes, former super featherweight world champion

Manny is too fast and elusive for Clottey. Clottey is Strong, stronger than Cotto but he doesn’t throw enough punches. Pacquiao’s speed will be too much. –Bobby Gunn, cruiserweight world title challenger

Pac is too fast and too strong for Clottey, too awkward to be honest. I love Josh but he had Cotto and let him get away, if he doesn’t have the killer instinct with Pac he is done. It will be a great fight but I give Pac the edge. –Ishe Smith, junior middleweight contender

I pick Manny by decision because Clottey fights safe enough not to be ko’ed but too safe to win the fight.- Jeff Mayweather, world class trainer, former lightweight contender

This is a much more difficult fight for manny than people think. It will be a hard fought bout with pac winning on points. –Billy Dib, featherweight contender

I like Clottey by a twelve round decision. He’d have to be able to take the punishment then work. –A.K. Laleye Contender Season 4 participant

It will go the distance and it will go to Pac-Man. – Jason Litzau, NABF super featherweight champion

I like Clottey’s relentless pressure. I think Pac-Man’s fire is going to ignite Clottey, it will be a close fight but Clottey comes out with the decision. –Hasim Rahman Jr. world class amateur fighter.

I’m Going with Pacquiao by U.D. :) - Mia St. John former female lightweight world champion

A dangerous fight for Pac-Man because of Clottey’s size and strength but I think the speed will be too much for Clottey to overcome. I’m going with Pac Man and I will be VERY impressed if he wins by stoppage. – Caleb Truax, WBF International super middleweight champion.

Mmmm, I don’t know, this is a pick ‘em – Nate Campbell, former undisputed lightweight champion

My only thoughts are do I get to fight the winner? – Emanuel Augustus, former IBA champion

This is a tough one. Clottey is such a physical terror for any welterweight to handle and he boasts an iron jaw. Still, I think Pacquaio will get by him. Not because of speed, power, or combination punching, but because he’s got too much riding on a potential showdown with Mayweather/Mosley. Great fighters find a way to win and I think Pacquaio will do just that. –Ryan Coyne, cruiserweight prospect, Contender Season 4 participant.

I said it prior to the Cotto fight, and it proved obsolete but I’ll say it before this one too, Clottey has to knock Pacquiao out. If you think Mayweather-Pacquiao isn’t still in HBO’s fold this fall you’d have to be punch drunk. For Clottey to derail this event he’s going to have to stop Pacquiao which I don’t see happening. I thought Oscar, and Cotto would both be too big for Pac-Man but I’m not making that mistake again, Pacquiao at his best is not too small for anyone. It will come down to aggression and Pacquiao will win that war every time, I’ll take Manny via wide UD. – Brett Mauren, 15rounds, Phantom Punch Productions

Final Tally

Pacquiao : Mauren, Forbes, Gunn, Smith, Mayweather, Dib, Litzau, St. John, Truax, Coyne

Clottey: Laleye, Rahman Jr.

Neutral: Campbell, Augustus

With as many different viewpoints as we have just seen, someone’s call is bound to play out, and we will find out which one on March 13. Please support these exciting fighters as their careers unfold and stay tuned for the Mayweather-Mosley prediction piece in the coming weeks.


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