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Friday, March 12, 2010

Pacquiao-Clottey insider predictions, part two

Pacquiao vs Clottey, Pacquiao vs Clottey News, Pacquiao vs Clottey Online Live Streaming, Pacquiao vs Clottey Updates
Anaheim Boxing Examiner | Brent Alderson

In anticipation of Saturday night's championship bout between Manny Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey, the Examiner spoke with boxing insiders through out the Southern California region about the clash and their perspective of the fight.

1. Yohnny Perez (Undefeated IBF 118 Pound World Champion)

We all know that Pacquiao is on a roll and we all know Clottey and I don't know who's going to win, but if I had to make a prediction I would say Clottey. I think Clottey is a good fighter and he's fighting at his natural weight. We all know that Pacquiao has won a lot of big fights, but those were against boxers that were on the way out. And Clottey is a good fighter and has also had some big fights. With the weight and his previous big fight experience I think Clottey is going to win."

2. Jimmy Lennon Jr. (Hall of Fame Boxing Announcer)

I think Clottey should not be underestimated. Here is man who has already fought some of the greats in the sport he is extremely strong, he takes a great shot he is serious, he's a hard worker so he definitely has a shot. The only problem is he's fighting Manny Pacquiao who doesn't take people lightly, but you have to give Clottey a shot, but Manny should win.

3. Alex Camponovo (Matchmaker & Tim Bradley's Co-Promoter)

I don't see Clottey winning. I think it's going to be a competitive fight for five or six rounds. I think Manny is just too much for most of the guys out there at the moment. It should be a very entertaining fight because Clottey is not a runner, and he likes to exchange. He likes to fight you. He's always in great shape. Manny is just at a top level so I don't think Clottey has much of a shot against him to be honest with you.

4. Edison Miranda (168 Pound Contender)

Clottey is a very passive fighter, very defensive and that is going to favor Pacquiao. I think it will go ten or eleven rounds and Pacquiao is going to win the fight.

5. Alfredo Angulo (154 pound WBO Interim Champion)

It's going to be a good fight I think Manny should win. Clottey isn't an easy opponent to fight. Clottey is a fighter that has a very tight defense, but he doesn't have that much offensively and I think that's going to be the difference.

6. John Scully (Former world Title challenger & Top Trainer)

I think it shapes up to be a very, very interesting fight, probably more physically tough than Manny's last three were. At the same time, I won't be surprised at all if the fight goes the distance and that Manny's speed more than his power is what gives him the edge. Most people think Manny will end all his fights by KO now and he does have great power but sometimes a smart boxer has to use other tools to beat certain people and his speed is probably going to be needed for this fight more than power. If Clottey can't find Pacman with that very strong jab of his then he's going to have to kind of abandon that patient style of his and open up more. And I tend to think Manny will welcome that. I have Manny by a competitive but wide unanimous decision.


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