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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hurting leg forces Pacquiao to slow down

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By Roy Luarca
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:51:00 02/24/2010

MANILA, Philippines—Even a fighting machine like Manny Pacquiao needs to slow down sometimes.

The Filipino icon woke up on Saturday (Sunday in Manila) in Los Angeles feeling some pain on his left leg, according to a television news report Monday.

It did not deter Pacquiao, however, from proceeding with his training regimen at the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood.

Of course, the slight slack in Pacquiao’s movements did not escape the attention of master trainer Freddie Roach, who prevented him from doing extra work, and conditioning expert Alex Arriza, who gave the favored leg a light, soothing massage right inside the ring.

Pacquiao’s ailment was attributed to overworked muscles due to roadwork and extensive preparations for his defense of the World Boxing Organization welterweight crown against Ghanaian Joshua Clottey on March 13.

Apart from a two-hour relentless workout at the gym, Pacquiao starts his day in Los Angeles by jogging and exercising. He still jogs even on Sundays before attending Mass.

It was business as usual for Pacquiao on Monday with bosom buddy Buboy Fernandez temporarily taking over the training chores from Roach, who had a bad cold and cough.

In another TV interview, Roach said Fernandez is a welcome presence since he knows the training patterns as well as the ring ways of Pacquiao.

For his part, Fernandez said there’s nothing to worry about Pacquiao’s condition as it (leg pain) is a normal occurrence at the height of his training for a fight.

Despite donning a body armor, Fernandez said his body still aches from the impact of Pacquiao’s “controlled” punches.


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