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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Will Pacquiao’s dominant sparring sessions transfer over to the Clottey fight?

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Sacramento Fight Sports Examiner | Rick Rockwell

If his sparring sessions are any indications, Manny Pacquiao looks scary and dominant. A warning to all potential sparring partners, Pacquiao will hurt you and this should also be a serious concern for Clottey and any future opponent of Pacquiao. Not only is he in great shape, but he is also completely focused. But, will his dominance in the sparring sessions transfer over to the Clottey fight?

Bryan Brooks
Pacquiao’s first sparring partner, Bryan Brooks, took such a beating in 4 rounds of sparring that Freddie Roach said he won’t be bringing him back.

* “[Pacquiao] did really well. He’s already following the game plan. This was a good sparring partner for Shane Mosley but I don’t think I’m going to bring him back… he got hurt a few times. Manny was too much for him. He did whatever he wanted too. He was playing with him a little bit. He likes to play with his audience a little bit.” Source: ABS CBN News

Joseph Benavidez
Joseph is a 2009 National Golden Gloves light-welterweight champion who just turned pro. He’s 17 and stands at 5’11”. He went two rounds with Pacquiao, According to reports, Manny just toyed with him the whole time.

* “He toyed with the guy. He was supposed to be a phenom,”.. Winchell Campos,

Mike Dallas
Dallas is an undefeated light-welterweight with a record of 11-0-1. He’s 23 yrs old and came out of his sparring session with Pacquiao beaten and almost knocked out twice.

* “Dallas was groggy in the second round as Manny was really going after him. While he (Dallas) was a lot slower than Pacquiao, he was coming forward and getting hit and nearly knocked him out” .. ABS-CBN’s Dyan Castillejo

Pacquiao has also beaten up on long-time sparring partner Ray Beltran. Coming in shortly, will be Abdullai Amidu, the welterweight from Ghana who is undefeated in 18 fights with 17 wins coming by way of knockouts.

Shannon Brown Sacramento, CA “Do you think that Pacquiao’s sparring dominance reflects of what he will do to Clottey?” Shannon, yes I do. What this tells me is that Pacquiao is in tremendous shape. He’s mentally and physically focused on beating Clottey. Make no mistake about it, Pacquiao isn’t looking to outpoint Clottey, he’s looking to knock him out.

Nicholas Barnes Rancho Cordova, CA “Should Clottey be scared of how good Pacquiao looks in training?” Clottey should have been concerned in the first place for having to face the best boxer. But, now he should be absolutely terrified because Manny is so dialed in and physically dominant right now. He’s taking good sparring partners and destroying them. He’s toying with them. He’s “firing on all cylinders” which should scare any man especially his opponents. I have absolutely no doubt about it, Pacquiao will dominate Clottey come March 13th.

Let’s close the article with the following quote from Alex Ariza, Pacquiao’s fitness guru:

* “He looked phenomenal today. He looked the best that I’ve probably seen him. His footwork, speed, power was unreal.”… source:


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