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Friday, February 12, 2010

5 Reasons Why Pacquiao Is Considered the Best

Pacquiao vs Clottey Updates
February 12th, 2010
by Lorne Scoggins

The consensus on Manny Pacquiao is that he is the greatest fighter on planet earth. While his status as the top boxer in the world can be debated, the fact that the vast majority considers him the best is irrefutable. The Manny Pacquiao story isn’t just about boxing anymore, and it has overflowed far beyond the boundaries of the Philippines Archipelago. The man who has long been an icon in his home country of the Philippines has now found his way into the hearts of millions from all over the world. Pacquiao is one of those rare pugilists who has crossed over into mainstream media. Top Rank publicist, Lee Samuels recently announced that Pacquiao will be featured in an upcoming episode of 60 Minutes.

As I considered the reasons why Pacquiao is so endearing to the general public, I constructed a list that outlines the qualities that have played a role in his iconic rise to the top.


Pacquiao has never taken full credit for what he has accomplished. He understands where his talent comes from and he’s always quick to point out that he owes his success to God. He openly demonstrates his faith by getting on his knees to pray in the corner of the ring before and after every fight. He doesn’t claim to be perfect. In contrast, self-righteous individuals feel no need to pray.

Loyalty to his fans

The man who currently has the most loyal fan base of any boxer in the sport is in turn equally loyal to his supporters. He often states that his job is to make people happy. In the Pacquiao-Cotto post-fight press conference, Manny said, “My goal is to give happiness…enjoyment to all the people who are always watching us.” He spends hours signing autographs and talking to fans. During open training sessions, it’s not uncommon for him to stay at the Wildcard Gym until he has interacted with each and every devotee.

The ability to rise above all odds

Manny Pacquiao was born into extreme poverty in Kibawe, Bukidnon, Philippines. He only completed a grade school education before he started working to help support his family. By the time he was 16 years old he was a professional boxer. When he came to the United States to search for an American trainer, he was rejected time and time again. He was repeatedly told that there was no market for a Filipino boxer. Freddie Roach wisely disagreed and took him under his wing. When Pacquiao scored a TKO against Marco Antonio Barrera in 2003, the boxing world began to take notice. The once poor kid from the Philippines is now ranked among the highest paid athletes in the world. He is an inspiration to millions and is exemplary of the fact that great things can be achieved by faith, determination and perseverance.


“I always think to myself that I’m just an ordinary fighter and sometimes I can beat a good fighter.” You will never hear Manny Pacquiao boast about his accomplishments or discredit his opponents. That’s just not his character. He is one of the true gentlemen of the sport. His brand of low-key charisma makes him an endearing figure in the public eye.

Fight style

It has been said that no boxing trainer will ever say “Fight like Manny Pacquiao.” His style is inimitable. His explosiveness and work ethic inside the ring make him enthralling to behold. Pacquiao could fight anyone and it would be exciting while it lasted. His unorthodox and unpredictable style injects a unique sense of suspense into each and every fight. When he gets rocked with a hard punch it only ignites him. At the moment he appears to be hurt, he instinctively becomes more dangerous. During such occasions, he often winds up gaining back the advantage during the flurries that follow.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the pugilist is the fact that he improves exponentially with each fight. Somehow he manages to stay hungry and focused in spite of all the success he’s already achieved.

Pacquiao’s legacy is sealed. Like Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard, the name “Manny Pacquiao” will be repeated continually by boxing enthusiasts long after his career has been completed.


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