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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Manny Pacquiao ‘For me its Boxing and God’

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Sacramento Fight Sports Examiner | Rick Rockwell

Could you ask anything else from a professional boxer? In a world that’s full of selfish athletes who care more about the “money’ and the fame, it’s refreshing when an athlete proclaims his faith and his commitment to the sport that he strives to be the best at.

In a recent interview with, Manny Pacquiao made the following comments:
“For me, it’s Boxing and God. I think what I have done in boxing is because of my sacrifices and my faith in God.”

In an interview I just did with World Extreme Cagefighting’s (WEC) General Manager Reed Harris, I asked him what he thought about Urijah Faber who is Sacramento’s hometown hero and the face of the WEC. Pay attention to what Mr. Harris had to say:

* “He is kinda the quintessential athlete. He lives clean, His entire life and lifestyle revolves around MMA. That’s really the kind of star athletes you are looking for. He’s someone you can build around. He is at the elite level of this sport.”

My immediate response to what Mr. Harris said was:

* RR: “Do you know who it sounds like you just described to me?”
* Mr. Harris: “Who’s that?’"
* RR: “Manny Pacquiao”
* Mr. Harris: “You are absolutely right. He’s a lot like Faber in his commitment, lifestyle, skills, and dominance.”

Now, I bring up this conversation with Mr. Harris not to say that Pacquiao and Faber are the same but to describe how important and amazing it is to have an elite athlete that’s committed to being the best fighter and the best person they can be. You want another example? Look no further than Kurt Warner in the NFL. Here’s an athlete committed to his faith and his profession (before he retired).

Its athletes like Pacquiao, Faber, and Warner that make sports as great and honorable as they are. Its athletes like these 3 who show that dedication, commitment, and faith can make you successful, respectable, and heroic.

No matter the success, the awards, or the fame Pacquiao still remains humbled and praiseworthy to his faith. To me, this is amazing. Perhaps, it’s because I’ve been around so many egotistical athletes. Perhaps, it’s because American athletes don’t always act humbled or profess their faith. Perhaps, it’s just amazing that an all-time great athlete can still glorify God despite his success.

Whatever the reason, its comments and athletes like Manny Pacquiao that deserve the credit for not only being an elite athlete but for also being an elite person.


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