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Monday, February 1, 2010

Early Insite into :Pacquiao – Clottey & Mosley – Mayweather

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Posted on Feb. 1st, 2010 by DB News Room
By: Albert Alvarez

Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey- On March 13, 2010, The Pac-Man versus The Grand Master From Ghana will truly be ”The Event”. This fight will go down to conditioning and will. Pacquiao is a fighting machine that storms in but can now also operate on you from distance but still with great force. Clottey is a walking shield that can walk you down, his jab alone and counter punching makes it nearly impossible to look good against. The only knock on Clottey is that he is not a great closer. Pacquiao on the other hand, is one of the greatest closers of all time. The greatest beauty of ”The Event”, is that Pacquiao is a fierce fighter that comes to bring the pain and Clottey is a fighter that can take the pain and still fight on. Will Pacquiao’s powerful punches bring the kind of pain that Clottey for once won’t be able to take? Will Clottey’s shield block the heavy assault forcing Pacquiao to move around alot more than he is used to? It will be a great fight but, if I was forced to pick one today, I would go with Pacquiao. I would go with Pacquiao today due to his very strong corner with Freddie Roach leading the way. I feel Clottey will have a very cold corner come March 13. I understand that Clottey has worked with Godwin Kotey before, but going into his biggest fight of his life it aint where you’re from, it’s where you’re at!

Shane Mosley vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.- Some may and will go on to say that this fight is 10 years too late. I agree and disagree, I agree that this fight should have happened years ago,but other than facing Pacquiao, no other fight is bigger and better for Floyd at this time. This Mega Fight that has yet to be named will arrive on May 1st, the fight should have a title to it like ”American Warfare”, or ”Best Of The Best”, or maybe even ”Sweet Science”. I love all those titles, but my favorite is ”Sweet Science”, Sweet for Sugar, and Science for Money May. When trying to put together the Godzilla bout of them all between Manny & Floyd, we all became hostages and learned from the hostage seat that the fight started before it ever started. We can’t go back and point fingers, what’s done is done, the fight unraveled and we discovered that the attempt to ink the fight became a much bigger fight than the fight itself. Pacquiao and his team then drew first blood in signing to fight the toughest opponent at the time in Joshua Clottey. The inking of Mayweather/Mosley has now removed the spotlight away from Pacquiao. Too much will be read into the fact that Shane is now 38 years old and may no longer be the Mosley of 5 years ago or even the Molsey of 12 months ago when he destroyed Margarito. I feel that the only real knock that Mosley has right now is that it will be 16 very long months since he last fought. For any 38 year old fighter, a 16 month layoff can haunt you and bite you in the ass. Mosley however, is not your typical 38 year old fighter. I feel that Mosley was better physically in his Golden past, but the Mosley we see today is much better mentally. Sure, the physical aspect helps you along the way, but the mental aspect pushes you through anything. I feel that this Naazim Richardson trained Molsey is far more dangerous than the younger Mosley. Jack Mosley, who by the way is my guy and is a very good trainer in his own right, preached Power Boxing, physical. Naazim Richardson preaches and teaches you the science, any question asked will be broken down, mental. In Floyd’s case, he like Clottey may find a cold corner come May 1st. Floyd’s head trainer, his uncle Roger Mayweather has court dates to attend, time will tell if that will be resolved come fight night. If Roger is not available, sure Floyd has his dad to call, but is Junior really 100% comfortable with Senior in his corner? The blind will say yes due to the fact that it’s his daddy, but sometimes things aint always what it seems, just ask Roy Jones Jr.


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