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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Pacquiao vs Clottey News
By Evan Korn | January 20, 2010

"I have to train a different style like Clottey's style so I have to practice a strategy for Clottey's style...he's tough. He can take a punch. He can stand and fight toe-to-toe. I don't want to underestimate Clottey because he's a former champion too and he's a nice guy," stated WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao, who was on hand at the Madison Square Garden Theater earlier today for a press conference to announce his upcoming March 13th title defense against Joshua Clottey. Although both fighters are focused on their upcoming showdown, the media in attendance was still stuck on the collapse of the proposed megafight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. Check out what Pacquiao himself had to say as he answered all questions.

On the allegations of using performance-enhancing drugs...

Well, of course, I filed a suit on him because it's not true. He's accusing's not true, everything that's he's accusing me, and I want to clear my name because I'm a very honest person and believe in God. Of course what I'm doing in every fight is to give a good fight and train hard. I'm very disappointed in what he's accusing me.

That's why I decided myself to have a physical and I already gave to the media my medical [results] and it's clean and nothing's on it.

On the defamation lawsuit that was filed...

I just want to show it to them and to all the fans that I'm clean and I'm not cheating. I'm a very honest fighter.

On changing opponents from Mayweather to Clottey...

I'm still focused to my training and focused to the fight because forget about Mayweather. I understand Mayweather is making alibis to cancel the fight. I'm not the one making alibis to cancel the fight. The main thing is he don't want to fight.

I have to train a different style like Clottey's style so I have to practice a strategy for Clottey's style.

I think Mayweather is scared to lose, you know? He's scared to lose.

On his place in boxing history...

It's very important to me, that's why I filed a suit on's my sacrifice, I train hard. My trainer said they're wanting me to stop in training, you know, to stop how training [for the random blood testing] and you don't know how hard I sacrifice myself in training and pray to God. That's why I have to defend myself.

On the possibility of Mosley fighting Mayweather...

I don't know, but if that fight happens, it's going to be a good fight and I think Mosley will win the fight.

More on blood testing...

I'm not turning down the blood testing. I agree to blood testing, but not the day of the fight. I tried that before the day of the fight, the Morales one, and I lost the fight because my body felt so weak and I didn't recover. That's why I don't like blood testing so close to the fight.

Actually, I'm not concerned about the money. I'm mostly concerned about what I can give, my performance to the people of boxing and the people who are going to watch the fight. That's why my concern is not only to myself, but to the people paying for the ticket and watching. They're going to expect that it's going to be a good fight. I don't want them to be disappointed and maybe think, "Next time I don't want to watch boxing because it's a boring fight." My concern is I am not only a fighter, but I am also an entertainer too. You have to entertain the people who are going to watch your fight.

On whether or not a fight with Mayweather will still happen or if it would be entertaining...

I think Mayweather is going to run long all day around the corner.

It's going to be kind of boring if I don't cut off the ring because I'm sure he's going to run, run, run.

I'm still hoping that the fight will be pushed through some other time.

It's gonna be a good fight if it happens.

On what concerns him about Clottey...


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