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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Clottey looks to put his name on the mainstream map

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Mississippi Fight Sports Examiner | Brad Cooney

Big Joshua Clottey is about to get the biggest fight of his life once he steps foot inside of the ring, and faces Manny Pacquiao. The scheduled March 13th bout is billed for Dallas, TX and will take place at the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium.

Clottey outside of the boxing world is an unheard of name. Unlike Pacquiao, Clottey has yet to have put himself on the map with the mainstream. A victory over Pacquiao would certainly put him on the map, in a big way. The hardcore fans do know who Joshua Clottey is, but the non involved boxing guy doesn't really know a lot about him.

I asked several people in the local Jackson, MS sports bars if they ever heard of Joshua Clottey. Out of five people, just one knew who he was. I have been touring Jackson's sports bar scene, and have gotten thoughts of the fans for the past week or so. I went into the Sportsman's lodge this weekend, and spoke with the fans about Joshua Clottey. As expected just about nobody knew of him, " Joshua who?" asked Richard Jenson, " I never heard of the guy. Who has he fought?" When informed that he fought Zab Judah, Chico Corrales, and Miguel Cotto, Jensen still couldn't recall, "I heard of all of those guys, but never heard of Joshua Clottey."

A victory, although unlikely, over Pacquiao would certainly put Clottey on a larger map. A victory over Manny Pacquiao is a tall order though. Pacquiao's blinding speed, and his cannon punches are sure to be felt on March 13th. Clottey, with a victory, would go to a new level.

Clottey, born in Ghana, and he knows all too well the importance of this fight. He knows that if he can pull off an upset and defeat the great Manny Pacquiao, his life will have forever changed. He is a hard working fighter, he is not a trash talker, he just shows up and fights. You can't ask for a better person to have deserved an opportunity like this.

Pacquiao "vs" Clottey once again matches up power and speed. Pacquiao has proven time and time again that he isn't afraid of the big fellas. It's Clottey's turn now, so we will see what he can do this coming March!


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