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Monday, February 15, 2010

Floyd vs. Manny doesn’t look likely for the boxing ring, but how about on the basketball court?

Pacquiao vs Clottey News, Pacquiao vs Clottey Online Live Streaming, Pacquiao vs Clottey Updates
Sacramento Fight Sports Examiner | Rick Rockwell

With Mayweather’s recent comments about how he will demand blood testing all the way up to the fight and taking a higher percentage of the purse, it appears less likely than ever that Mayweather and Pacquiao will square off in the ring. But, how about on the basketball court? They both claim to have a passion for the game and respectable b-ball skills. Let’s examine this match-up.

* “If I took it serious… I’m a well-rounded athlete so I think I could have been a top college basketball player. I’m skillful enough and talented enough. So if somebody had taught me all the fundamentals of basketball, I guess I could have played in the NBA.” FMJ,

So, Floyd thinks he could have played in the NBA? Just because he’s successful in boxing doesn’t mean he would be equally successful in basketball. However, he probably does have enough skills to have an epic showdown with Manny Pacquiao on the “hardwood”. I think these comments by Floyd have laid the foundation for arguably the most popular “1-on-1” basketball game outside of Jordan vs. Bird, Kobe Bryant vs. Lebron James, and me vs. Brian Hilton. Since we probably won’t ever see them in the ring, the basketball court might be the next best thing. Floyd has played in some past celebrity games so he’s familiar with the pressures of performing on the court. And we also know about how Manny has played in various leagues, charity games, and even owned a basketball team.

In regards to Manny’s love for basketball, here’s what Floyd had to say:

“If he’s a big basketball fan, more power to him. That’s all I can say.” FMJ,

Apparently, Floyd doesn’t respect Manny’s basketball game either. He probably hasn’t’ watched the following videos on Manny’s “game”: Check them out at the end of the article.

It’s no secret that Manny loves basketball and plays on a regular basis.

* “Deep down, Manny prefers basketball to boxing. It’s his favorite sport, more so than boxing.” Freddie Roach
* “Playing basketball is my cross-training, it’s my hobby.” Pacquiao HBO 24/7

Let’s breakdown their games and see who has the advantage:

I’m going to give the edge here to Floyd. Since his boxing is all about being on the defense and the occasional flurry of punches, he should have a solid “D” in basketball.
3-Point shooting
From what I have seen, Manny has a nice outside shot. It looks like he’s got the advantage here.
I’m going to say this is a push. Both have tremendous hand-eye coordination and fancy footwork.
Post-up game
Neither fighter turns their backs to their opponents in boxing so I can’t imagine either would be comfortable playing with their back to the basket.
Floyd doesn’t like to do the dirty work; which is why he’s been called “Pretty Boy”. Floyd has also avoided the bigger fighters in boxing. So, I don’t see him getting down low and going for the boards among the big-men on the court. Advantage – Pacquiao
Mid-range jumper
I’m going to give the advantage to Floyd here. Since he’s not a post-up player or a rebounder, he’s used to taking the mid-range shot. Also, in boxing, he likes to keep his opponents at a comfortable distance.
Free Throw Shooting
I’m going to say this is a push. Both guys are used to focusing on the little things in boxing so I believe they both wouldn’t over look the freethrow shot in basketball.
Manny can make the layup from any angle near the basket just like he throws punches from every angle in boxing. Floyd probably has better form, so I am going with the push here.

So when you breakdown their games it’s pretty much a push. My only question is, would Floyd demand blood testing for a basketball game too?


Jackie Crayne Sacramento, CA “Who do you think would win in basketball between Manny and Floyd?”
Well Jackie, after scientifically breaking down their respective games (note the sarcasm), I think it’s too close to call. Unlike boxing, they’re closer to a push. In boxing, I give the advantage to Pacquiao.

Mickey O’Connors Sacramento, CA “Do you think you could take Manny or Floyd in basketball?”
Mickey, I have very little chance in the ring but I would be able to take it to Manny and Floyd on the hardwood. I would post them up all day. I’ve got at least 5 inches and 45 pounds on them. If I could take away the 3 point shot, then I can force it down to an exchange of buckets. As long as it doesn’t become a game of conditioning then I have a great chance.

Jerome Harris San Jose, Ca “Do you ever say anything nice about Floyd?”
Jerome, I just gave him credit for being a well conditioned athlete. Does that count as saying something nice?


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